Drone Policy

Policy and Procedures for Drone Use at Gulf Wars, 2020

A drone is defined by the FAA as, “An unmanned aircraft system (UAS), sometimes called a drone, is an aircraft without a human pilot onboard – instead, the UAS is controlled from an operator on the ground. (Drone Defined Public Law 112-93 Section 331 (8))
Be aware that the FAA does regulate the flying of drones within the United States and it is your responsibility as the pilot and the owner of the drone to understand and abide by the rules. Any questions regarding the FAA rules should be submitted to the FAA.
In order to ensure the safety of all guests at Gulf Wars, drones are not all allowed on the property except by commercial media with the expressed written permission of the Gulf Wars Media Coordinator.
Commercial media representatives may submit a written request to the Gulf Wars Media Coordinator at (media@gulfwars.org) for review and approval by January 28, 2022.

The following will need to be included within the written submittal:

  • Name of the Media company requesting
  • Name of the pilot operating the drone
  • Owner of the drone
  • Type of aircraft (Quad Copter, Helicopter, Airplane, etc.) and make, model, and color
  • Time(s) the drone will be in operation
  • Location(s) the drone will be operated
  • Copy of the Drones registration with the FAA
  • If the drone weighs more than 55 lbs., the pilot must provide a copy of an FAA Remote Pilot Certificate.


  • The pilot must comply with all FAA regulations.
  • Drones MUST NOT be flown over or near any emergency occurring on site.
  • The pilot and owner must be aware of FAA Airspace Restrictions and respect privacy. Drones are restricted from use in any camping area, but request may be made for flyovers of public areas namely, battlefields, court, marketplace, and roads. Please see the Gulf Wars Media Coordinator for a listing of all approved locations.
  • Any drone pilot or owner of a drone violating any FAA rules or regulations or the rules laid out in this Policy & Procedure for Drone Use at Gulf Wars will be immediately reported to the FAA for action and removed from site without a refund.
  • Anyone not having written permission from Gulf Wars Media Coordinator who flies a drone on site may be removed by the Autocrats of Gulf Wars or the Kingdom Seneschal without a refund.
  • Please note, the drone (owner/operator) is liable for any and all damages to persons, property, and any litigation arising from the use of drones or UASs operating on Gulf Wars property.