Newcomer’s Point

HL Sigrun S. í Biarká

Welcome to Newcomer’s Point

Welcome to Newcomer’s Point, and Information ! We are located at five points. 

If you are New to the SCA , New to Gulf War, A returning player from a long sabbatical, First event, First War, or First time camping at an event !

We are the place for you to find helpful information and we would like to Welcome you.  

We will have classes – all geared towards New and Returning SCA ! 

We have weather and event schedule updates daily !

We have maps and can answer most questions and will find the answers to the ones we don’t know off hand! 

Welcome to Gulf Wars please come by and say hello,   Welcome to the Best Week of SCA Ever ! and we have a special token for you as well ! 

If you have any questions please reach out to Sigrun S. i Biarka or  or Asta Bassadottir at  

My door is always open !! 

Always in Service 
HL Sigrun S. í Biarká 
Lead @ Newcomers Point
Gulf Wars 2023