Middle Eastern – Al Mahala

Salaam Aleikum!

Gulf Wars presents a magical opportunity for the SCA re-enactor to explore the widest possible range of historical activities. This twenty-five year tradition of rich diversity of topics is well represented within the microcosm of al Mahala, offering classes in cuisine, music, dance, garb, arts and sciences of not only The Levant, the Arabian Peninsula and Persia, but also China, Japan, India, Andalusia; Ottoman and Silk Road regions as well.

Classes at al Mahala

Al-Mahala is a great place to learn and teach all kinds of things about cultures along the Silk Road (and North Africa, and many other places). From boot-making to dance to poetry, the range of possibilities is vast. We need your help to build the class schedule, though! If you taught last year, please consider teaching again.

If you still wish to teach a class we do have some space – please submit it via the main Gulf Wars class submission form and indicate Al Mahala as the area in which you wish to teach the class.

Contact Al-Mahala with other questions or ideas here.

Events at al Mahala

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