Mounted Watch

Authorizations for Mounted Watch will be in the morning on Mon, Wed, Thurs, and Friday. Please see the Equestrian Schedule for times.

Rules and Requirements:
Volunteers may ride the site as part of the Mounted Watch program
Volunteers for Mounted Watch *must* have a Riding and Games Authorization
Volunteers must attend a Mounted Watch orientation class (onsite) before being allowed to ride the site.
Volunteers must pass a horse/rider combined authorization before being allowed to ride the site.
Volunteers will need to stop by Security Point to pick up a radio and let the staff know you are on patrol.
Volunteers must patrol at least in pairs. Only one rider needs to carry a radio. Mounted watch must continually be aware of their surroundings and must not obstruct foot or vehicular traffic.
Before the patrol starts, someone must use the Equestrian radio to call Security Point to let the watch know when a patrol is on their way to watch to pick up a radio. They will provide the watch with names and who will carry the radio.
The radio will be checked out to the name given, and someone will bring it out to the patrol when they show up at five points. This keeps horses out of the parking lot and allows the patrol to get on with the patrolling.
Riders will not enter camps, Merchant Row or the Food Court area even if requested to do so. Call the Watch at Security Point and ask them to come assist.
Mounted watch must make arrangements to clean up after their horses. This is best done as you go, by carrying bags as necessary. If needed, after your shift, please contact Sanitation and they will meet you at the barn with one of their carts and take you to clean up after your horse.
There will be no night patrols for Mounted Watch. Detailed routes will be discussed at the mounted security authorizations.
For any questions about the Mounted Watch, please contact the Equestrian Marshal in Charge at