Information about Lost and Found

During the event, Lost and Found will be located at the Watch building. Should you find an item, please turn it into the Watch. At the end of the War, all items remaining in Lost and Found will be disposed of at the Autocrats discretion. Items of significant value will be retained (I.e. cell phones, jewelry, keys, wallets with IDs), and maybe claimed by contacting the Autocrats with a description of the Lost item. Postage for the return of lost items will be solely the responsibility of the Claimant. The return response will include the amount of shipping (if any) and the address to which to send the money order. NO PERSONAL CHECKS WILL BE ACCEPTED. Gulf Wars is not responsible for damage or loss of items at the War. Items of significant value not claimed by June 1, 2022, will be auctioned for Gulf Wars-related funds.

Emergency Information

There is no emergency contact information for individuals on site.  It is the individual’s responsibility to have a method of mundane contact or to make arrangements thereto.  If an emergency arises and you need to contact an individual, you may call the hotel number listed on the site and they will try to get a message to the Autocrat staff.  You will need the individual’s mundane name, SCA name, group with which they are camping, the specific nature of the emergency, and call-back information. A message missing any of these details will NOT be relayed.  

ONLY true emergencies will be relayed by the autocrat staff.  They will make every effort to locate the individual and deliver the message but in this age of reliable cell phone technology, that should be the preferred method of communication.

Vehicle Towing

We will make a reasonable effort and attempt to find the owner/operator of a vehicle prior to towing. However, if a vehicle is parked in such a way as to cause a traffic hazard or disruption or it is not parked in a designated parking lot, it WILL be towed. Be warned!

Loading and Unloading

There will be a 3-hour limit placed on vehicles for unloading when setting up camp. Cars should park in the parking lots in such a way as to not restrict access or endanger other vehicles. Do not block access to the handicapped access parking. Cars in camp, after dark, must drive with their lights on. To receive a handicap parking slip you will be required to display your handicap plate or hangtag for the state in which your vehicle is registered. Remember to LOCK your vehicle as we are not responsible for your goods.

Water and Electricity

Faucets are located on the fighting field, behind the cabins, and along several of the roads.
Do not block access to the faucets or electric outlets. Everyone must be able to use these, even if they are in your encampment.

You must provide a “y” connector so that others may use the utilities.
Water hoses and electrical cords should be dug in at least 1 inch of ground cover. (Failure to comply with using a “y” connector or burying your hoses and cords may result in confiscation of the said property.)
Water disposal: Pour away from tents and encampments.


The site owner has opened a camp store in the Main Hall. Food, water, ice, firewood, and other necessities will be available.


If you plan to bring your own shower, it MUST operate with a water reservoir system and properdrainage. Otherwise, We cannot accommodate the water pressure needs. If you erect a shower that does not operate with a reservoir system, you will be instructed to take it down. Failure to do so may result in eviction from the site.