Greetings and welcome to Gulf Wars!

If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact one of the departments that have animal-related activities.

Unless the animal is a service animal or used in a class or other sanctioned GulfWars activity/competition or animals belonging to the site owner, they are not allowed on site during Gulf Wars.

If you are looking for information on bringing a Service Animal to Gulf Wars, please use the link below for Service Animals or please contact the Service Animal Liaison Team at

If you have questions concerning Equestrian Activities and/or horse attendance, please see the link below for Equestrian or email them at

If you have questions concerning Coursing and/or coursing hound attendance, please email Kennel Lands at or use the link below for Coursing Hounds.

Currently, Gulf Wars does not have staff for falconry. If you are wishing to bring birds of prey to Gulf Wars, please contact the Autocrat.  Otherwise please feel free to contact the appropriate Department listed below:

Service Animals


16Coursing Hounds