Gulf Wars Royalty (2024)

Gleann Abhann 2024 – Cristof and Broinninn

Dearest Royal Cousins and Populace of the Knowne World!

We, Christof and Broinninn, Khan and Khatun of Gleann Abhann, do send Our greetings to all who have traveled to Our River Valley Realm.

We are excited to once again attend Gulf Wars where banners of all colors fly high in the sky and the war drums beat as the armies march to battle. The nights are filled with epic stories and heroic deeds of our friends once the fighting is done. We also look forward to see the works of artisans of the Knowne World and how these inspire others to create art of their own.

Gulf Wars is a week filled with smiles, laughter, stories, and time spent with old friends and the new ones We are sure to make! It is Our heartfelt wish that you all join Us in friendship and merriment as we toast to The War with No Enemies!

Take care and stay travels,

Christof and Broinninn

Khan and Khatun

Trimaris 2024 – Dietrich von Stroheim & Anaya Renarde

Unto all who have made the long journey to Gulf Wars,

Joyous greetings from Dietrich and Anaya, King and Queen of Trimaris!  We are excited to spend a week with you immersed in this Dream we all share…a week of camaraderie, battles, singing songs around the fire, parties, displays of skill and mastery, and countless forms of merrymaking as shall be devised hereafter!

Gulf Wars is a wonderful opportunity where we can all set aside our differences and focus instead on what we share: our love of all things medieval.  This war you shall see such sights as noble knights clashing on the field, the wonders of the entirely-historical early period living encampment, the grand procession with the royals of the Known World riding in with banners flying high, rows upon rows of merchants displaying their exotic wares, and rousing performances at the Green Dragon Tavern.

Truly this is a great way for us to come together and revel in the company of good friends, old and new. 

We thank you for joining us and look forward to us all coming together and truly making this a War With No Enemies!

Until then, may you be blessed with health, joy, and prosperity,

Dietrich and Anaya,

Rex et Regina, Trimaris

Meridies 2024 – Timothy III & Ysmay III

Greetings Unto the Known World,

We are delighted that you all are able to attend one of the biggest events of the year! We hope that you will try ALL the things, like volunteering to help the event staff, taking a class to learn a new skill, or watching a tournament. There are so many activities to do or watch that We know you will find yourselves just as busy as We are for the week.

Our biggest joy at Gulf Wars is to spend time with friends, both old and new. We hope to find you around a campfire one eve and share a story or a drink. We are excited to be part of this event with you and We look forward to making memories!

Timothy & Ysmay

King & Queen of Meridies

Ansteorra 2024 – Nicollet Deuville

To the Esteemed Lords and Ladies of the Known World, Greetings and Felicitations,

In the spirit of unity that binds our great realms, it is with great joy and honor that we extend our heartfelt welcome to each noble soul from across the Known World to the majestic gathering of Gulf Wars XXXI – A War with No Enemies.

In the tapestry of our shared history, Gulf Wars stands as a testament to the camaraderie, chivalry, and vibrant diversity that defines our illustrious society. This year’s gathering promises to be a celebration of valor, artistry, and the enduring spirit of fellowship that unites us as one noble family.

As the sun kisses the banners that flutter in the breeze, let us come together in the true spirit of camaraderie, forging bonds that will echo through the annals of time. The fields of Gulf Wars await the thundering hooves of noble steeds, the clash of arms, and the resounding cheers that accompany feats of skill and honor.

With the utmost enthusiasm, we invite you to revel in the pageantry, to share in the tales of valor, and to partake in the grand festivities that await you on the sacred grounds of Gulf Wars. May this gathering be a beacon of friendship, where memories are forged, alliances strengthened, and the dreams of a united Known World flourish.


Sovereign Queen of Ansteorra