Youth Combat

Rules for Gulf Wars Youth Combat

All youth fighters ages 6-17 are invited to join us on the battlefield at Gulf Wars.  The program is open to all authorized youth combatants.  Any SCA kingdom authorizations will be accepted. 

Youth Combat is NOT a babysitting service!

Gulf Wars will be following the current society youth combat rules, with a few exceptions.

• Due to the nature of mixed division melees, division 1 will be required to use division 2 armor standards, at the minimum.

• Ages 16 & 17 will be allowed to spar with full rattan with each other and sparring marshals, as long as they have adult legal armor

There will be (3) youth combat divisions, they are listed as below:

• Division 1 (ages 6 to 9)

• Division 2 (ages 10 to 13)

• Division 3 (ages 14 to 17)


I will not be issuing kingdom authorizations.  However, I will conduct authorizations to all youth fighters to fight at war.   This will be a temporary authorization.  I highly suggest getting authorized from your kingdom youth Earl Marshal, prior to war.  Youth fighters MUST have their own gear.  No loaner gear will be available. 


Only one inspection is required for war.  However, weapons and armor will be checked before each day and throughout the day. Equipment not meeting standards, will not be allowed on the field.  The marshal is not responsible for fixing gear.  Each fighter and parent/guardian will be responsible for any fixes needed. 

Any combatants using excessive force or force sufficient to leave a bruise or injure an opponent will, after ONE warning, will be removed from the field of combat.  


Parents/Legal Guardians are to understand that this is a contact sport and injuries can occur.

Parents/guardians are responsible for the youth’s safety, with the youth combat marshal’s armoring / safety process

At least one parent/guardian/responsible adult must be present at ALL times, while the participant is involved in youth combat.  “Present” defined as within visual or vocal range of the child and attentive to the combat activity. 

Masks will not be required.  It will be up to the parent / guardian whether masks are needed or not.  All activities are outside.  We will only be in close contact, while fighting.  Please refer to Gleann Ahbann’s site rules on COVID.