Transportation Services

KART, or Transport Services, provides on a first-come, first-served basis, basic transportation of attendees via golf cart around the King’s Arrow Ranch site. it is asked that able-bodied individuals with no walking impediments “give way” for those with special needs and/or mobility issues, the elderly, infirmed, or women who are pregnant.

This “bus style” system includes access to a majority of the camping areas, parking lots, archery range, battlefields, merchant’s area, Bede Hall, class tents, Early Period Life, Scribes Point and more. The KART will maintain reasonable hours of operations in non-inclement weather but may be adjusted with or without notice as demands necessitate. Efforts to alert the populace to adjustments in hours of operation may include heralds and/or notifications on the Gulf Wars web app. These adjustments may be determined by staffing, availability of carts, population camping density, road integrity, migration of services, special events, weather, and other unforeseeable circumstances.

Only cargo that can be carried in the lap (a basket, bulky items) can be carried on the KART. If it takes up space a person can occupy, it won’t be allowed. No Items that may stick out and strike people are allowed. Assistance dogs may ride as long as they are under the complete control of their owner and conform to behavioral guidelines set forth on the website.