Lost and Found

During the event Lost and Found will be located at the Watch building. Should you find an item, please turn it in to the Watch.

At the end of the War, all items remaining in Lost and Found will be disposed of at the Autocrats discretion. Items of significant value will be retained (I.e. cell phones, jewelry, keys, wallets with ID’s), and may be claimed by contacting the Autocrats with a description of the Lost item. Postage for the return of lost items will be solely the responsibility of the Claimant. The return response will include the amount of shipping (if any) and the address to which to send the money order. NO PERSONAL CHECKS WILL BE ACCEPTED. Gulf Wars is not responsible for damage or loss of items at the War.

Items of significant value not claimed by June 1, 2020 will be auctioned for Gulf Wars related funds.  To inquire about lost items from GW XXVII (2018) please email Lost and Found.