Herald’s Point

Herald’s Point

Herald’s Point will once again be open at Gulf Wars, your one-stop shop for all of your heraldic submission needs. If you have been wanting to register a name, household name, device, or badge, we have some of the most experienced heralds in the Known World coming to help you make it happen. We are located in Artisan’s Row, at the intersection of John’s Shortcut and Knight’s Circle, facing the fighting field. Check out the Gulf Wars Map if you need directions.

Volunteer hours can be earned at Herald’s Point, regardless of your experience level. You can volunteer to do name or armory consultations, or simply to shadow one of our veteran heralds to learn the process. You can even get volunteer hours from coloring completed device or badge forms, and we have snacks available to all volunteers, courtesy of the Meridies College of Heralds.

Volunteer Orientation for all heralds wishing to do consultations will be at 11am on Monday. Official working hours for consultations are as follows: 

  • Monday: 12 noon – 5pm
  • Tuesday: 12 noon – 5pm
  • Wednesday: 10am – 5pm 
  • Thursday: 10am – 5pm
  • Friday: 10am – 2pm

It is important to note that we stop taking new consultations at 2pm on Friday. This gives us time to finish resolving any issues that may have come up with consultations we have already done, and to allow for the different Kingdom heralds to have pick up hours for their Kingdom’s submissions.

As mentioned, multiple Kingdoms will have a herald present to accept payment for, and begin processing, heraldic submissions. There are two windows for pickups: Friday 3pm – 5pm, and Saturday 10am – 12 noon. Please consult the link below to see if your Kingdom will be picking up submissions, and in which time window they will be doing so. Gulf Wars Herald’s Point does NOT handle any money for submissions. Any payment for submissions MUST go to your designated Kingdom representative. 

If your Kingdom is not on the list of those picking up submissions, you may pick up your forms at any time during operating hours, and submit them through your local herald. And to see when your kingdom is picking them up, check the link here.