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Page School & Teen Activities

Gleann Abhann Law Regarding Children

Gleann Abhann: Section 9.05 Children

(a) Any child under the age of legal consent attending any official function, must be in the company of a parent or legal guardian or have a letter of parental consent which designates an adult in attendance as responsible for the child and consent for the child to be treated in the case of a medical emergency, as well as a signed standard waiver.

(b) All waivers and letters of designation must be collected by the Autocrat or designated representative before a child may be admitted to site.

(c) The adult in charge of a child is responsible for any and all acts of the child.

(d) Children under the age of 12 must be within the sight or voice range of a designated adult, or responsible teenager – age 15 or older, at all times. Failure to do so may result in sanctions ranging from expulsion from site to notification of mundane authorities.

Sight or voice range will be determined by the Gulf Wars Staff. We realize that this is not necessarily the law in other kingdoms, but it is the law here and it will be enforced.

Forms, Waivers, Etc.

For minors accompanied by parent/guardian, with current blue membership card
– No forms are required

For minors accompanied by parent/guardian, without current membership
– Only the Individual Minor Waiver (for you minor) or the Family Waiver (for more than one minor in the family) are required.

For minors accompanied by non-parent/guardian, with current blue membership card
– The Designated Adult form and the Medical Authorization form are required

For minors accompanied by non-parent/guardian, without current membership
– The Individual Minor Waiver (or Family Waiver), Designated Adult form and the Medical Authorization form are all required

Required Forms can be downloaded here.

Wee Ones Area & Changing Station, Ages Infant-4

The Wee Ones area is available inside the Page School tent for those under the age of 5. Children under 5 should be accompanied by an adult or guardian at all times.

Page School Schedule for Gulf Wars March 2023, Ages 5-12

Page School is NOT a babysitting service. We encourage all parents to volunteer at some point during the week. Even an hour of your time makes the school so much more enjoyable for the children.

Page School is available from 9-12 (depending on Volunteers)for children 5-12on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Sign-in begins at 8:45 and at. Please pick up your child on time. Children left after the close of a class will be taken to Watch and the Autocrats notified. Please be on time and watch for changes. All Page School changes to the schedule will be posted on the chalk board next to the Page School Tent. Questions & Concerns, please see THL Deedre Turner or email

Note: We have a 15-minute period before and after sessions to allow for drop-off and pick-up of children. Please do not abuse this privilege!

  • Morning sessions: 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Teen Activities are available in The Crow’s Nest Monday thru Friday to teens ages 13-18. In addition to activities listed here, teens should pay close attention to the Class Schedule for classes available to teens. They will also be posted at The Crow’s Nest itself (Any questions may be emailed to the above email)

Please stop by any time to volunteer. Each session requires a minimum of 5 adult volunteers. Adequate volunteer staffing ensures we can provide activities to the maximum number of children.

Special Happenings & Field Trips

Page School (ages 5-12)

Gulf Wars Page School Schedule for 2023

Sunday: MoC and Page School Volunteer Meet and Greet

Monday: Calontir Hosting

  • Everything Equestrian: A Meet and Greet with the Horses

Tuesday: Ansteorra Hosting

  • Intro to animals in medieval times
  • Activity (air dry clay)
  • Opening Festivities
  • Bingo Ad Lib Theater
  • Meet and Greet with Coursing Hounds

Special Field Trip: The Wonderkammer/Pop up Proto Museum

Wednesday: Meridies Hositng

Morning Session:

  • A field Trip to Early Period Life.
  • Early period games

Afternoon Session: 1-3pm

  • A musical instrument ‘petting zoo’ so kids can hold And play a few instruments. We thought we could go over some musical rhythms and the play something they could join in on percussion.

Thursday: Gleann Abhann / Meridies Hosting,

  • Siege weapons at the field with Duke Kane
  • Youth Combat watch and learn, with the THL David Duckworth
  • Tabletop Trebuchets with Lady Katla

Friday: Gleann Abhann Hosting

  • A field trip to The Renaissance Village
  • Illumination: A certificate of completion for Page School
  • Lucet cording with Mistress Marcilla
  • Do it yourself Nine men’s Morris with Duchess Jackie 

12:30 pm: Society Minister of Youth MoC/MoY Meeting

Teen Activities (ages 13-17)

Crow’s Nest (Page School Tent) Open: Monday – Saturday after Page School

Crow’s Nest Hours will be as follows:

  • Monday 1pm to 10pm
  • Tuesday 1pm to 10pm
  • Wednesday 4pm to 10
  • Thursday 1pm to 10pm
  • Friday 4pm to 10pm
  • Saturday 11am to 10pm

All scheduled Teen Activities are for youth 13-17 years old and will take place at the Crow’s Nest, in the Page School Tent. In addition to activities listed here, teens should pay close attention to the Class Schedule for classes available to teens. Questions & Concerns, please see THL Deedre Turner or email