Greetings and Welcome to Falconry at Gulf War XXI!
FalconrySCA Falconry has a home at Gulf War. We have called it the “Mews” It has its own tent, a weathering area, people who enjoy sharing their passion, and more different birds than any other event in the Known World. We have entertained Royalty, the entire Page school, as well as many Lords and Ladies who have shown interest in our birds. It is located across from Information Point near the corner of Laurel Lane and Lacy’s Way.
We try to have the “Mews” and weathering area manned during the day so the birds can be out in the sun. We have designated Noon to 1:00PM as an open weathering area time so people will feel comfortable to come to the weathering area to see the birds. We will have demos and classes for those more interested in the history and skills of Falconry.
Like many pastimes of the middle ages, falconry is not without its perils. Falcons and Hawks are wild creatures and each has a different personality. The ones at Gulf War have been trained to be around groups of people, but they are still wild and can be unpredictable at times. The best policy is to keep a bows length away from any bird unless a falconer is present.

Master Freiderich von Blumenkamp
Gulf War Falconry Coordinator