Listed below is some information about some of the parties and revels at Gulf Wars 32!

Moved to Bede Hall!

The Known World Party is a culmination of the joy and wonder that happens at each year’s Gulf Wars. It’s a chance to rub elbows with individuals from every attending kingdom, to grab a bite, play a game, dress phenomenally and generally have a good time. The party is held at 9pm at the Fort and goes until it’s done (though those wishing to remain after 1 a.m. may be called to assist in removing Gondor and The Shire from within The Fort).

This year, the hosting group is the Kingdom of Gleann Abhann, and the theme of the party is Lord of the Rings. We’ll travel from the shire to the darkest edges of Middle Earth, a fest for all ages and appetites! Whether it’s Hot Wings to Mordor, the Golden Rings from which the One Ring shall be found, First Breakfasts, Second Breakfasts, Elevensies, Isegard’s open stores, good old mushroom stew and bread and butter and jam or even Bilbo Baggins’ famed Birthday Cake, provisions will be shared and enjoyed by all. 

Lest ye forget, there be libations to enjoy at the Prancing Pony Tavern, run by Clan Marshin Fayne, for those of a certain legal age. For all ages, Gondor Calls for Lemon-Aid and Unsweet Tea aplenty to enjoy. 

What fun will be had? An array of games fun for everyone to enjoy! Pick up your Passport to Middle Earth and collect for valuable prizes!  

And dress as your favorite Lord of the Rings character in our Laurel-approved costume contest. Please have as much fun as you desire in the creation of your attire!

Follow the Known World Party Facebook event page for menus, game notes and announcements preceding the event. We’ll light the beacons for you!

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