GulfWars XXXI
March 11-19, 2023

Kings Arrow Ranch

Message from the Gulf Wars Autocrat

Hey Everyone.. lots of texts, emails, IM’s etc about the potential sale of KAR. I’m not sharing anything that Larry wouldn’t share with you but he’s had a lot on his plate the last few years and I’m actually impressed by his fortitude to have held out as long as he has. I respect him for that.

That being said, the property is for sale. We still have a contract with Larry until the sale of the property is finalized. After that, we’ll just have to be patient and see. The Kindom Seneschal of Gleann Abhann and I are keeping close tabs on this evolving situation but.. the show MUST go on. Some may be willing to call our “war with no enemies” a “war on borrowed time” but I’m not one of those people. We will continue planning GW in its current form.

That form may change in the years to come but Gulf Wars will always continue. Keep up your planning and I will keep everyone informed of developments. 

With Regards..


Greetings unto the Knowne Worlde,

As the news has been widely spread through social media, I know that many people in the Knowne World are feeling a wide range of emotions with the knowledge that King’s Arrow Ranch (the site where Gulf Wars is hosted) has been put on the market to sell. No one has firm answers at this time.

We, as the populace of the Knowne World, are in the unfortunate position of waiting – waiting to see when the site will sell or to whom the site will sell. Both of these pieces of information are critical to plans. The Autocrat team will continue to plan Gulf Wars in 2023 as normal at King’s Arrow Ranch. Should that change, it will be announced as soon as possible.

Also, please remember that this decision would have been difficult for the owners of King’s Arrow Ranch after 30 years of hosting Gulf Wars. The owners worked with the Autocrats during 2020-2022 as the SCA navigated Covid. I know their decision is not one that was made without a lot of thought.

Thus I Remain In Service to the Dream,

Mistress Kendra Dey
Kingdom Seneschal, Gleann Abhann


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  • Meridies Court – Rescheduled
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