Gulf Wars XXIX March 14-22, 2020
Greetings to all those who read these pages, and welcome to Gulf Wars XXIX! Gulf Wars is an annual war between the Kingdoms of Ansteorra and Trimaris, and hosted by Gleann Abhann and Meridies. It is also know as the war without enemies for the friendliness of all our attendees. For information on camping, war scenarios, classes, children’s activities, site rules, and many other items, please read through the information presented here. We look forward to seeing you in March!
2020 Important News and Updates

Registration Deadline Extended!!!

The volume of Gulf Wars registrations has been overwhelming the SCARS system lately, which has caused intermittent problems. The developers are aware of this issue and will be adding additional server power by the end of the week. In the mean time, we apologize for any inconvenience. Please keep trying.

Due to these extenuating circumstances, the Gulf Wars staff have decided to extend online registration to Saturday, Feb 22nd. Please don’t wait until the last minute to register.

If you want to check on your registration status, you can always go to https://members.sca.org/apps/#MyMtgReg to view your registration.

!! Registration is OPEN !!

Yep, you read that right.  Registration is Officially open.  Details are available on the Registration page as well.
So give your self an early Christmas gift and get those registrations in so you don’t miss any deadlines.
Parents!!  Coming this year, all children ages 17 and under are now FREE!
Nope, you did not read that wrong, FREE.  So, if you have ever wondered how you where going to be able to afford Gulf Wars, here is your chance.

!!!  Suggestions !!!  

Have a Suggestion for this Gulf Wars or beyond.  Let us know.  We look forward in how we can make your stay better.  

Parents!!!  Be advised if you have children 17 and under they  MUST be escorted after midnight.  This is the Law in Mississippi.
Gulf Wars SCA app is Live!!! Currently is available on Google Play.  We are still waiting for Apple to make it live.  I will update when we know.
Troll: Troll has moved!! It is onsite in the Dungeon next to the lake.   The front gate is now located at King’s Hwy and Rault Dr. The back gate is what the front gate has been for the past few years at King’s Hwy and Strahan Dr.
Site Access:  Please continue to access the site by driving around the golf course and around the lake. Please do not come to site by taking a left and driving through the Hillsdale neighborhood and coming across the earthen dam.
Traffic: Traffic on King’s and Queen’s highways (the two main camp roads) is reversing to accommodate the gate changes. Traffic will move from the front gate to 5 points to the back gate, essentially the reverse of what it has been in years past.
No Parking:  There will be no parking allowed on King’s or Queen’s Highway.  These are the two main roads through camp.  You may pull into your camp to load/unload or park on a side street. Loading/unloading is limited to 3 hours.
Parking on one-way streets:  Most of the roads on KAR are one-way.  Parking for loading/unloading is limited to 3 hours and is only allowed on the right side of the road.
Dept. of Traffic Enforcement:  This department will be closely monitoring the “No Parking” on King’s and Queen’s as well as the parking on one-way roads, which will only be allowed on the right side of the road.  A local tow company will be readily available for our towing needs.
Site Books / War Schedules:  We are printing a very limited supply.  It is first come/first served.  If you aren’t going to be there until later, I’d suggest getting someone to pick you up one if you need one. The site book and schedule will be available for download on this site for free.
RV reservations:    Contact Mike at 601.688.0723 for availability. For additional information, please go to the Facebook group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/474178400050827/