Troll Location

Troll and Traffic

Troll this year will be at the “clubhouse” across the lake where the first stop sign is. Traffic coming onsite will be re-routed slightly to go to the Left of the pool, rather than to the Right where the first stop sign is. This will eliminate having to turn Left into the clubhouse parking lot and will ease traffic flow. When exiting the site, you should turn at Left at the stop sign before entering the clubhouse parking area..

Traffic will enter the site via the North gate by the RV area. Traffic will exit the site by the currently-unnamed road which exits onto Rault Drive near the intersection with Strahan Lane, which is slightly to the West of the current East Gate. This will avoid the sharp turn which is required at the East Gate.

This is a reversal of traffic flow from last year. We will have a map with the new troll location and traffic flow up as soon as possible.