Sanitation is a very important role in Gulf Wars. It’s not the terrible job you may think. You get to ride around in a golf cart, you get to talk to people all over site, and you get to help out the war.
Sanitationcrat volunteers get double volunteer points. Help win the war and keep the war running by volunteering!

In the event that you see something wrong, Please grab/contact someone with a staff radio and have it called in.  The plague is not fun and the more people that can help keep thing healthy, the more fun everyone will have.

For further information, please see the Staff Page for specific contacts or email.

Sanitation Update (Trash and Recycling)

I come to you from Sanitations, with changes regarding the disposal of trash.  Per the site owners, (Kim and Brian) trash will now be the responsibility of each individual attending war.  This can be managed individually or by camp. The owners will be providing large trash dumpsters at 4 locations throughout the site. The locations will be decided and marked on the site map. We will no longer have trash pickups available. Trash can not be piled up in camp, outside of camp, or on the side of the road. There will be aluminum recycling containers near the dumpsters. Please do not use the trash cans around the merchant area to dispose of your camp trash, the merchants are responsible for their trash and it would not be fair for them to deal with our personal trash.

Please do not place propane tanks of any size in the dumpsters. Those can be placed neatly on the outside of the dumpsters.

Sharps are to be disposed of in the sharps container at watch or sanitation, unless you have your own sharps disposal. Both of these are located at 5 points.

When leaving the site, please ensure that your trash is taken to the dumpsters. If you have any opened or unopened food, camping gear or miscellaneous items that are intact, please take those to the main hall to be taken to a local shelter.  If you have large items such as a tent that need to be picked up, please reach out to anyone working in the main hall to arrange pick up.

Just like when we leave weekend events, please leave your camping area as clean if not cleaner than it was when you arrived.