A&S Class/Event General Info

Attend Classes/A&S Events at Gulf Wars! Gulf Wars welcomes all types of teaching and learning events in many areas. You will find both hands-on and lecture classes, as well as demonstrations, open workshops, “solars”/open discussions, performances, competitions, meetings, special events, and more!


To submit a class/event for Gulf Wars 2024:
Gulf Wars Class Schedule Form (Sign up)

Option 1 – Fill Out the Online Form:  GW Classes 2024
(Best if you are teaching more than one class, requires you to fill out contact information each time.)

Option 2 – Contact us to chat: Contact or any of the area coordinators via e-mail to discuss your class/A&S event plans. Be sure to include the best way to contact you (phone, e-mail, etc.) and when, etc. (Best if you are new, unsure, have a large or unusual project, or prefer not to submit digitally.)  We’ll be happy to help you!

Instructors/Event Hosts: If you need to cancel/change a class PLEASE notify the area coordinator or overall class coordinator at  immediately.

NOTE: There are no sign up sheets for classes at Gulf Wars.  Some areas may be experimenting with a *lottery* system for popular classes – students present at class start will draw to determine who participates. Otherwise, for classes with limits, the first students to arrive will get a seat. *Instructors are asked to HONOR size limits!*

Class Credit

Individuals are responsible for tracking their own class participation at war. You may use the generic University Class Credit form for this purpose – consult your kingdom for class credit requirements.
Again, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact:

Become a Gulf Wars Journeyman!
Volunteer and work on projects in a single AR area for the entire week.
Contact or come to the Journeyman meeting
on Sunday or Monday of war.

Gain recognition for your commitment to learning!

Use the form in the back of the Class Booklet (or similar) to document at least ONE of the following:

  • Depth: You have taken 6 classes in any one GW A&S area *(see below)
  • Focused Study: You have taken 6 classes in any one A&S topic.
  • Breadth: You have taken 6 classes in each of 6 different GW A&S areas.
  • Commitment: You have taken any 8 classes at war.

Ages: This Challenge is open to ages 5 and up
(for those under 12, Page School counts as ONE area)

Bring your completed Form to Class Information Point (Artisan’s Row)
by NOON on Saturday
for verification and to receive a token in recognition of your efforts!

*Al-Mahala – Early Period Life – European Dance – Equestrian
Kennel Lands/Coursing – Page School – Performing Arts v Scribal