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Renaissance Village GW XXX

The Renaissance Village is a Gulf Wars department and class area where we explore the Renaissance period through an immersive environment dedicated to history across Europe, Africa, the Americas, and Asia. The Renaissance Village at Gulf Wars aims to foster scholarship within the various avenues of study within the Renaissance era which found its humble beginnings in 12th-century Italy and ignited again in the 14th-century before spreading northward through western Europe revolutionizing life and culture into the 16th-century and paving the way for the later Enlightenment period. The Village offers a wide array of classes ranging from health/medicine, hygiene, cosmetics, fashion, music, political history, social history, material culture, gender roles, economic science, martial arts, and military history as well as hosting special events and artisan demos.

In short, the Renaissance Village is a collection of period pavilions where artisans & scholars can demonstrate, share, and teach their particular skills & knowledge. We invite everyone to come by and see what’s happening any day – visitors, observers, and questions are always welcome!


The Renaissance Village hosts an immersive A&S experience and is located on Laurel Lane across from the Theatre. Formerly known as Ca’ d’Oro Salon, the Renaissance Village offer a variety of classes and demos focused on Renaissance life across Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas. In addition to offering classes, we host a period Apothecary, dedicated period cooking area, Interkingdom Bocce Ball Tournament, Lacemaking pavilion, an Eastern Salon, the Renaissance Italian Salon, a French area, Spanish area, Rapier Tournament, Bardic Circles, and an Enchanted Ground. There will be bocce ball and socializing at the main pavilion daily, a musician’s solar, dances, and an Italian Personae Social on Friday from 6–9 PM.

The Ca’ d’Oro Italian Salon is still located in the Renaissance Village class area at Gulf Wars. It is based on the historical salon concept, specifically the 15th-century Italian Salon where artists, poets, musicians, philosophers, nobility, and courtiers would have gathered to pass the time away from the scrutiny of church or state. We emulate those “unsupervised intellectuals” at our living history Salon, and we celebrate all the “Renaissances” of history.


Department Head: Aislinge Mac Cuithein

Department Deputy: Emma Grey

Class Deputy: TBD

Apothecary Deputy: TBD

Cooking Deputy: TBD

Dance Deputy: TBD

Lace Deputy: TBD

Event Pavilion Deputy: TBD

Eastern Salon Deputy: TBD

Music Ambassador: TBD

Land Deputy: TBD

Due to limited Attendance of Instructors, not all activities will be available. If you would like to volunteer your time and abilities to help out, please contact the Department Deputy.

Renaissance Village Classes & Demos

Go to the Gulf Wars app for the schedule which will be updated daily at Gulf Wars:

Online Class Schedule

Gulf Wars Website Class Schedule

Our classes, demos, socials, and other activities will run on the following tracks located in dedicated areas of the Renaissance Village Department:

Ca’ d’Oro salon Regent Paviion – Daily socializing Italian style and department information

Lace Pavilion – Lacemaking and more

Eastern Salon – Teatime, period games, and library hours

Period Apothecary Pavilion – Demos and classes

Outdoor Period Cooking Area – Demos and classes

Ca’Beret Event Tent 30×30

  • Socials
  • Balls
  • Musical Concerts
  • Italian Personae Social
  • Bardic Circles
  • Spanish Area
  • English Area
  • French Area

Bocce Ball Court & Dayshade – Interkingdom Bocce Ball Tournament & Populace Bocce Ball Tournament plus open place opportunities all week

Renaissance Village Schedule Highlights