Live Weapons

War Point

War point will consist of three opportunities to throw and stick from three different distances. 1 pt for each stick. Most sticks will get the war point! Come on out to support your kingdom!

Range Marshal

The Marshal’s word is LAW. While Live Weapons are fun to throw, they can be very dangerous! Therefore, for everyone’s safety, all of the Marshal’s decisions are to be obeyed and failure to do so will result in disqualification from the Live Weapon Competition. The Marshal’s rulings about scoring, safety and use of weapons are final.


The War Point Competition will be Knife, Axe and 8′ Spear ONLY.

* Knife – Any type of knife is allowed. The Marshall may disqualify a knife if it is found to be unsafe.
* Spear – Spears must be at least 48″ in length. The Marshall may disqualify a spear if it is judged to be unsafe or unreasonably destructive to the target.
* Axe – Any style of small axe, tomahawk, or hatchet may be used in competition. Double blade axes may be used, but only one of the blades will be allowed to score. The choice of which blade is up to the competitor and must be marked by the Marshall prior to competition throw for score to count. The Marshall may disqualify an axe if it is judged to be unsafe or unreasonably destructive to the target (no huge two handed axes with a short handle!!!)

All competitors are encouraged to provide his or her own weapon, however, loaner weapons will be available with permission of the Marshal.


Wednesday (12-4 pm): The Freya’s Throw, Will be sponsored by Thor’s Mountain. This is an all Ladies Throw Tourney. Bring your Axes, Knives and Spears and join the fun.


Range Safety

All live weapons are dangerous and can injure or kill a person. During the Middle Ages that was the whole point of learning to throw a weapon, but today WE DO NOT WANT ANY INJURIES FROM LIVE WEAPONS! Treat each weapon with the respect that it deserves! The Marshall’s are very serious about safety and anyone, regardless of rank or title, will be disqualified from the Live Weapon Competition and asked to leave the range, for unsafe behavior.

Warranted Marshals and Marshals-in-Training are always welcome on the range to help out.

Children must be 7 years old to participate in target archery, and 9 years old to participate in thrown weapons. By Gleann Abhann Kingdom law, parents or legal guardians of children 17 years old or younger MUST BE PRESENT for their children to take part in these activities. In addition, for children less than 14 years old, the parent or legal guardian must closely attend and directly supervise their child at the range and on the line.