European Dance

Come explore the grace and energy of European-style dance – coordinated by Lady Fleur.

PD-WM-2x2Tacuina sanitatis XIV century 82

Classes are scheduled each afternoon throughout the week in the Dance Tent outside Bede Hall.

European Dance Class Schedule   – Online Google Doc

  • Sun: Early Bird Ball – All Instructors
  • Mon: Welcome Home Ball – Mistress Isabella
  • Tues: Beginners Ball – Lord Runolfr
  • Wed: Masked Vice & Virtue Ball – Lady Fleur
  • Thurs: Caroso Ball – Duchess Katrina
  • Fri: Grand War Ball – Lady Fleur
  • Sat: Last Chance to Dance Ball – All Instructors

Ball Sets Information – Download pdf

Competition: Seven Heavenly Virtues or Seven Deadly sins

On Wednesday night, come dressed as one of the Seven Heavenly Virtues or Seven Deadly Sins to compete for a prize. Prizes will be awarded to the Best Lord and Lady. If you wish to participate in the competition, come 15 minutes early to sign up. Garb must be period and you must have a mask. Participation in the competition is not required to dance.

For Musicians

Note for musicians wishing to participate and play for dancers during the Gulf War Balls:
The following criteria will be necessary to participate in the dance musicians pit during the evening Gulf Wars:

·         You must be able to have some entry level sightreading skill using standard musical notation. This includes percussionist as well.

·         You must perform on acoustical instruments (this includes modern acoustical instruments)

·         We will be using a standard pitch of A=440

·         We will be using the following book for most of the dances. *
Copies of this book will be available for use and for purchase at the balls