From the Gulf Wars Landcrat

Groups of 20 or more wishing to camp together may pre-reserve space. To do so, you must ensure that all group members are pre-reserved and submit your request for a group camping space to the Landcrat by February 28.  Keep in mind that spaces for groups to camp in do not come up very often, and that there might not be one available. (As of October 2019, there are not any). In this case, it is recommended that your group look at camping with another group, or on Kingdom land, if your kingdom has land at Gulf Wars.

Citizens of Ansteorra, Trimaris, and Meridies should contact their Kingdom Land Representatives who will administer their land request. All others with land requests should contact the Landcrat listed on the Staff Page. When pre-reserving, ensure everyone camping together puts the same group name in the “camping with” section on the registration form.

Groups with permanent camping sites at Gulf Wars still need to pre-reserve at least 20 people (or 50% of how many people Land says their land will hold, at 250sq.ft. per person), or risk losing their use of the land.  [Note: As of 2019, children age 6 years old or older count towards camp numbers, even if they are not required to pay for admission.]

Day Pavilions

There will be no day pavilions allowed next to the fighting field for safety reasons. Instead there will be a road between the edge of the fighting field and all day pavilions. The Field Pavilion coordinator (Contacts Page), must approve the placement of all day pavilions along the road. When you receive permission, you will be assigned a space and issued a permit that must be displayed at all times on the pavilion. There will be no overnight sleeping allowed in day pavilions. Field pavilion space is on a first-come, first-serve basis. Unauthorized field pavilions will be dropped and moved somewhere out of the way.   Field pavilions MAY NOT have walls on them, as this obstructs the view for others. There are no waivers for this. **Corollary: if it is desired to set up a vigil tent or the like along the fighting field, it must be coordinated with the field pavilion coordinator, and it cannot be set up before fighting is done for the day. It must be dropped the same night that it is set up on, so that the area is ready for fighting.


What is an RV?
If it has road wheels and you sleep/stay in it, it is an RV. This includes vardos, trailers, Rigs, campers, etc.

Do all RV’s have to be in the RV area?
Short answer: Yes.  Longer answer, everyone with an RV should plan to park it in the RV area. Requests for exceptions to park elsewhere will be considered in advance(see below for requirements), but the owner of the RV should plan on camping in the RV area.  


Vardos may be approved on a case by case basis after its owner submits a picture to ensure a period look and that it meets all of the following requirements.

  • 1. All requests must be made in writing and include pictures (sent to
  • 2. Approvals are for the current year only and will have to be made each year.
  • 3. As cited above, all vardos must have a period appearance and the wheels must be covered/not visible.
  • 4. Approved vardos will be required to meet the minimum safety requirements, which are as follows: 1 leveling jack/stabilizer on each corner; have all wheels chocked in both directions; be on relatively level ground.  Rolling is a huge safety concern for the site owner and liability is his priority.
  • 5. Approved vardos must have the hitches hidden and cordoned off so as not to be a tripping hazard in the dark of night.
  • 6. Approved vardos will be inspected and issued a waterproof permit which must be displayed in an area that is easily viewed from the road/path.  Once set up, please contact the Landcrat.
  • 7. If you are not sure if something meets requirements, please email and we will be happy to help resolve the difficulty.

 Exceptions under these conditions will be considered on a case-by-case basis, and pictures of the trailer/rig/camper in its ‘disguised to look period’ appearance must be submitted before March 1st, along with owner info and the camp which the owner is requesting to camp in.  RVs which have been granted exceptions at past Gulf Wars will be given favorable consideration and will be granted exceptions in most cases, so long as they are still in compliance.

Note from the Landcrat to vardo owners who may be wondering if the standards have changed from last year: They have not.  I inspected all the vardos on site last year, and all that were granted waivers last year ahead of war had no problems.  I hope to see everyone back this year with their vardos. If you have questions, email me at 

Will there be reserved space?
You must reserve space with Kings Arrow Ranch if you need power and water hookups. All RVs not reserved with Kings Arrow Ranch will be parked on a first-come, first-served basis and will not have access to these amenities.

Is there a dump station for their sewage?
No. Draining sink/shower water, (grey) will be allowed, but no sewage or black water. There are dump stations at the MS welcome centers on most major Interstates.

Are there electrical hook-ups?
You must reserve space with Kings Arrow Ranch if you need power and water hookups. Generators are allowed, but only in RV parking spaces.  Please remember to fill up your tanks for your generator before coming on site. Most spots are fairly level but heavier rigs such as class A’s, should use caution when setting up, please park in specified areas only.

When is RV set-up?
RV’s have controlled access. RVs will be allowed on site:
1-8 Saturday
8-8 Sunday through Tuesday
8-6 Wednesday through Friday

What happens if I get to site after/before RV set up hours?
We ask that you temporarily park in the Day Trip parking lot off-site.

Will merchants be able to bring their RVs on site on merchant set-up day?
Yes, this will only be during the merchant arrival window. RV requests will still have to be made to King’s Arrow Ranch, so remember to reserve space for your RV when sending in all of your other reservation info.