Clarification to the Previous Autocrat post:

Clarification to the Previous Autocrat post: Please rest assured that we have no intention of canceling/postponing/etc the normal March GulfWars regardless of the situation with the October war. On September 10th, we will be evaluating the numbers for the October war to ensure it’s viability with enough time to make any adjustments to planning details and to make… Read More »

Future GulfWars Numbers

In a quick note from our Autocrats, I post the following. The Gulf Wars staff is committed to having a fun and safe war; however, we must be aware of more than just our love of Gulf Wars. Pre-registration will open on August 1, 2021 for GulfWars in October 2021. On September 10, the Autocrats will review the… Read More »

Social Media Tags

Coming to GulfWars. Planning on tagging friends and family that can’t come with photos and stories of what is happening. Go for it! But, could you do us a favor. Tag us as well. By tagging us, we can share to a greater audience. But don’t forget about tagging just your friends, get those tags in for your… Read More »

Merchant Registration Deadline

Are you a Merchant that is interested in vending at GulfWars in October? Still looking for information or links? Well then, here we are. GulfWars XXX (2021) deadline for registration this year is August 19, 2021. Registration Form In the event that you need assistance, please contact the Merchantcrat Mistress Seraphina Maslowska. Once the final list has been… Read More »

Land Updates XXX/2021

Greetings until the Knowne World from the Autocrats of Gulf Wars XXX/October, After consultation with THL Eleri Cadarn, Land Liaison for Gulf Wars, we would like to announce that required numbers for traditional and permanent land groups will be waived. This will be evaluated again for Gulf Wars XXXI (2022). We would ask that any group without their… Read More »

GulfWars Update

Greetings until the Knowne World from the Autocrats of Gulf Wars XXX/October, This was not the path we envisioned over two years ago when we decided to put in a bid to be Autocrats of Gulf Wars. We appreciate all of the support and understanding we have received in the last year. We would like to share some… Read More »

Estrella War new Date and Location

For those that like to keep track of the major Wars with in the SCA, Estrella has announced their new dates and locations. The staff have announced that Estrella has been moved to the Country Thunder Ranch, AZ ( 20585 E Water Way, Florence, AZ 85132) for the November 9-15, 2021 dates. For those that would like to… Read More »

New GulfWars Dates Announced!!!

GulfWars XXXOctober 2-10, 2021 No you did not read that wrong. Please see the Announcement from the Autocrats and the Royalty of GulfWars. Christmas Greetings Unto the Knowne World, We as the Crowns of Meridies, Ansteorra, Trimaris, and Gleann Abhann in conjunction with Our Kingdom Seneschals and the Event Stewards for Gulf Wars have worked diligently to find… Read More »

Merchant Registration is Up

Are you a merchant and interested in selling your wares at GulfWars this coming year? Wait no longer! The Registration page is up and running. Per Mistress Seraphina Maslowska: Gulf Wars has become known for its quality of merchants.  If you have wares that are appropriate to the SCA, you are invited to send an application to merchant at Gulf… Read More »

Resolution to Suspend In-Person SCA Activity until January 31st, 2021

During the July 28, 2020, Ad Hoc meeting of the Board of Directors for the Society for Creative Anachronism, the following Resolution was passed by a unanimous vote and made effective immediately: Resolution to Suspend In-Person SCA Activity until January 31st, 2021(PDF) I. Whereas, the COVID-19 Global Pandemic has created an unparalleled challenge for the administration of the Society… Read More »