Gulf War has grown in size and complexity. As we grow it becomes increasingly difficult to accommodate camping, activities and traffic flow. For these reasons and pursuant to attendees, Gulf War staff and campground staff requests, Gulf War XXIX will pursue a more rigorous parking policy. This policy will be applied to keep drive areas clear, free camping space and improve general presentation.

To accommodate camping and scheduled activities, we need you to keep your vehicle(s) in the parking area. To be fair, you do need to unload and setup, when setup activities are complete (defined as 3 hours) we would appreciate you moving your vehicle to the appropriate parking area. We will aggressively urge attendees to move vehicles to the parking areas by patrolling and responding to complaints.


Vehicles in the camping areas for more than three hours are subject to removal by a bonded towing company. Vehicles in activity areas may be removed on a shorter time frame. The Gulf War staff will make a “reasonable effort” to contact the responsible party prior to requesting a tow service. “Reasonable effort” is defined as a brief search of the immediate area around the vehicle. This effort will not include searching Gulf War registration records or heraldic announcements. The onus is on the person with responsible charge of the vehicle to move it to the parking area.

Vehicles are to be in the appropriate parking area. The appropriate parking area will be noted on your parking hangtag. Vehicles should park in a manner that does not restrict access, endanger other vehicles and/or diminish lot capacity. Vehicles improperly parked are subject to removal. Vehicles parking in the wrong parking areas are subject to removal.


Parking staff will patrol the campground and parking areas noting vehicle descriptions, license plates, time and date. The parking staff may also mark a tire with chalk or wax crayon. This marking is a warning for the responsible party and not a note for the staff or wrecker truck driver.
Vehicles in the camping or activity areas for more than three hours are subject to removal from the site. All costs for towing and storing the vehicle will be born by the responsible person or their designated representative. Olaf a.k.a.(Mongo) (or his representative in the event of illness or a superceding duty) will be the authority for designating vehicles for removal.

You will be responsible for towing costs when the phone call is placed. Moving your vehicle to the parking area just before the truck arrives will save towing and storage charges however a trip charge will still apply. Failure to pay the trip charge will result in a tow from the parking area. A list will be maintained and pursued to avoid tow and trip charges applied to Gulf War or to King’s Arrow Ranch.

Parking Areas

There are designated parking areas for general attendance and trailers, merchants, handicapped, day trips, oversized vehicles and oversized trailers, and staff. Provisions for royal parking with limited attendants will be made. To obtain a handicapped hangtag you must show the appropriate documentation from your home state allowing you access to handicapped parking. To obtain a day parking hangtag you must show your hotel room key or demonstrate you are staying off site.

Personal Request

Please do not take this policy lightly. I will perform my duty diligently and fairly. I will also feel poorly and loose sleep over each incident. Please do not impinge on my or others Gulf War experience.

If you should have any parking questions, please contact: