GulfWars Updates

Greetings to the wonderful staff of GulfWars 29!!

I am your Webmistress, Lady Juliana verch Hoell for this coming year.

With Pennsic over and the kiddos in school for the year, it is time for us to dig in and get things rolling.

I need everyone to start going through your individual webpages and start writing up what corrections need to be done.

I can NOT and will not write your section for you.  All I can do is post it for you.  You know what is needed and how it needs to be said. 

As of right now I am giving everyone the next month to go through your pages and get the basic information updated.  If at the end of that time I have not received anything or have NOT heard from you, the page will be corrected to read the following:


We are under new construction! We apologize for any inconvenience, some of the info on these pages are being updated from the past Gulf Wars to the future Gulf Wars. This may take some time to complete. We appreciate your understanding and patience while this takes place. If you have an immediate need, you can contact the Autocrat or Staff Liaison(for this page) for Gulf Wars XXIX.  

This is the same statement that is currently on the main page for the GulfWars site.  It will go the head of the page.

If after 2 months, I will remove all information from the page EXCEPT for the statement. 

With under 200 days until GulfWars, people are starting to look to the site for upcoming year.  The sooner that this information is provided and disseminated the better things will be for us. 

Think of it this way, you want to go to a ComicCon, a professional seminar or something of the like.  The information is out there and published sometimes months in advance.  We should be no different. 

If you need help, please let myself or the Autocrat know.  Don’t wait until the late moment. 


Lady Juliana verch Hoell