Corona Virus Information

Autocrat/Gleann Abhann Seneschal Information Updates

In an effort to ensure that everyone that attends GulfWars this year stays healthy and safe, the following information is being made available to the public as it comes available.

Plague carrier is a perfectly acceptable excuse for missing Gulf Wars.  If you’re suffering from the plague, please stay at home. We will happily welcome you to war next year.

Public Announcement from the Autocrats

If you have questions about Gulf Wars and Coronavirus, we are getting more handwash stations and more hand sanitizer stations.

 Please bring your own hand soap and sanitizers for your camp and use them often.

Good afternoon! Below is a clarification and if anyone has any questions, please call or text me or the GW Autocrats. We are here to serve and it is our hope that everyone has a safe and enjoyable war: ”The policy concerning food and water safety at Gulf Wars was written for and applies to Gulf Wars Staff and those helping them with Officially sanctioned activities at war, such as KWP, socials, and fighter support. This policy was erroneously shared with the populace at large. This policy does not apply to any private camps, or parties. Nor does it apply to anyone that is not actively serving food or drink in an official capacity.”

Thank you-
Glenn Abhann, Seneschal

We don’t need ANYONE serving water, fluids, orange slices or pickles, or other food at  any organized  function at  Gulf Wars from one container that gets contamination from people directly.  That means no bottles of water or fluids with tubes or other methods that go from mouth to mouth.  That means no bowls of cut fruit or food where dozens of people pull from a bowl directly.  We also need confirmation that proper hygiene is practiced on and off the field when water or fluids are passed out.  Anyone violating these policies will be removed from site.

Current CDC recommendation for Mass Gatherings

To alleviate hearsay, speculation, and rumor, here are the websites of the CDC and every State Department of Health in all of states that border Mississippi. I recommend that you visit them regularly for updates on the current situation.

Alabama Public Health

Arkansas Dept of Health

Florida Health

Georgia Dept of Health

Kentucky Dept of Health

Mississippi Dept of Health

Louisiana Dept of Health

Tennessee Dept of Health

Centers for Disease Control

Local Hospitals and Health Departments

In the event that you determine that you need to optain medical attention, these are local Hospitals and Health Department that maybe able to assist you.  We do NOT recommend one over the other.  They are listed here for your convenience and by Location.

Links for each facility open to Google Maps








If you are aware of any additional facilities in the local area, please contact the Webmistress for possible inclusion.