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Letter from the Autocrats

Greetings and Welcome to the Crowns and populace of the Known World. We are so glad that all of you could come down to Gleann Abhann and join us for Gulf Wars. The staff has been working all year to make sure that this war will provide you with more classes, battles, tourneys, revels, and other activities than… Read More »

Gulf Wars is On!!!!

Medical Facilities and Treatment

Greetings, As you are aware the Corona Virus is of major concern to a lot of individuals.  Because of this, I have included information on the Corona Virus Information Page showing the location of several Hospitals and County Health Departments within a reasonable driving distance. Each listing  has the name of the facility along with address, phone number… Read More »

Service Animal/Coursing Hound

If you/your child (under 18) need a Service Animal please go to Service Animal Liaison (General Info Tab) or if you are a Coursing Hound (Non-Service) Owner (Activities Tab), on the GW Website. Please feel free to contact us at if you have questions, concerns, or suggestions.

Land Announcement


Free entry for children 17 and under.

Parents!!  Coming this year, all children ages 17 and under are now FREE!   Nope, you did not read that wrong, FREE.  So, if you have ever wondered how you where going to be able to afford Gulf Wars, here is your chance.   Effect 1 Nov 2019, when registration opens for GulfWars, any parent wishing to bring the… Read More »

Information about Lost and Found

During the event Lost and Found will be located at the Watch building. Should you find an item, please turn it in to the Watch. At the end of the War, all items remaining in Lost and Found will be disposed of at the Autocrats discretion. Items of significant value will be retained (I.e. cell phones, jewelry, keys,… Read More »

Emergency Information

There is no emergency contact information for individuals on site.  It is the individual’s responsibility to have a method of mundane contact or to make arrangements thereto.  If an emergency arises and you need to contact an individual, you may call the hotel number listed on the site and they will try to get a message to the… Read More »

Vehicle Towing

We will make a reasonable effort and attempt to find the owner / operator of a vehicle prior to towing. However, if a vehicle is parked in such a way as to cause a traffic hazard or disruption or it is not parked in a designated parking lot, it WILL be towed. Be warned!

Loading and Unloading

There will be a 3-hour limit placed on vehicles for unloading when setting up camp. Cars should park in the parking lots in such a way as to not restrict access or endanger other vehicles. Do not block access to the handicapped access parking. Cars in camp, after dark, must drive with their lights on. To receive a… Read More »