Youth activities have been divided into two main areas. Please check the web site and announcement boards for schedules and places.

We have added a 15 minute period before and after sessions to allow for pick up and drop off of children. Please do not abuse this privilege! Any children that have not been picked up by 12:15PM and 4:15PM will be turned over to security.

• Morning sessions: 9:30 AM- 12 PM
• Afternoon sessions: 1:30 PM – 4 PM

Please stop by any time to volunteer. Each session requires a minimum of 5 adult volunteers. Adequate volunteer staffing ensures we can provide activities to the maximum number of children.

Young Apprentice Series Ages 12-17
Check the class schedules and watch the herald’s board for classes. Teens should look through the main class schedule for topics that interest them. Teachers who welcome younger students have marked their classes as such. Also, keep an eye out for special hands on sessions at Artisan’s Row especially designed for teens.

Page School Ages 5-12
Gulf Wars Page School offers classes on a wide assortment of medieval and SCA topics presented in a fun and often hands-on manner. Snacks are not offered (water is), and children should not bring toys or personal items to class. The Gulf Wars Page School should be compatible with all Kingdom and Local Page Schools. If you have any questions, please contact the Youth Activities Staff.
Page School accepts ages 5-12, Tuesday through Friday at the Page School tent. Children must be signed in by parent or guardian.

Wee Ones
The Wee Ones tent is available for those under the age of 5. Children under 5 should be accompanied by an adult or guardian at all times.
Please note that there is a limit of 50 children per session.

Teen Activities in the Page School Tent
All activities are scheduled from 7 pm to 11 pm.


Tuesday – Teens meet and greet; make a mask for fools parade on Wednesday during midnight madness!

Wednesday – Fools parade

Thursday – Movie night

Friday – Game night – Munchkin, dice and more

Page School Activity Schedule

Note: Sign in begins at 8:45 and at 12:45. Please pick up your child on time. Children left after the close of a class will be taken to Watch and the Autocrats notified. Watch for changes. All Page School changes to the schedule will be posted on the chalk board next to the Page School Tent. Questions & Concerns, please see THL Kalisa Cherenova (Kim Kreyling)
Page School is available during 9-11 and 1-3 for children 5 and up. Teen activities are available in the Page School tent from 4-6. In addition to activities listed here, teens should pay close attention to the Class Schedule for classes available to teens. (Any questions may be emailed to

Saturday March 10 – No Page School

Sunday March 11 –
3 pm Meet & Greet for MOCs (Refreshments available and ALL MOCs are welcome to attend. Come and exchange ideas and chat with others!)

Monday, March 12 – Calontir hosting day
9-11 Arts & Crafts (Vikings theme)
1-3 Arts & Crafts (Vikings theme) PLUS Lord Pedro (Equestrian A&S projects activity)
2 – Field trip next door at the Salon to learn Bocce ball
4-6 Meet and Greet for Teens, Refreshments (13-17 year olds)

Tuesday, March 13, Trimaris hosting day
9-11 Field Trip, Kennel Lands (Please do not be late. We will leave Page School tent at 9:15)
1-3 Arts & Crafts (St. Patrick’s theme) PLUS Lord Pedro (Equestrian A&S projects activity)
4-6 Teen Gaming & Classes (13-17 year olds) PLUS Lord Pedro (Equestrian A&S projects activity)

Wednesday, March 14
9-11 Field Trip, Early Primitive Life, (Will leave promptly at 9:15)
1-3 Youth have a choice!
Choice of Field Trips: Equestrian area OR Drop Spinning at AR (Arrive EARLY, Will leave promptly at 1) Or remain in the Page School Tent and have a Taste of Italy, Cooking Class! With Lady Margherita de Verde
4-6 Teen Gaming & Classes (13-17 year olds) Taste of Italy -Cooking Class with Lady Margherita de Verde

Thursday, March 15, Gleann Abhann hosting day
9-11 PIRATE DAY Arts (Dress and talk like a pirate as we do arts and play games)
1-3 Yummy Classes- Fun ART with Food! (Messy)
4-6 Food Art with Kalisa for Teens! (13-17 year olds)

Friday, March 16
9-10 Stage Time! Field Trip! (We will leave PROMPTLY at 9)
10-11 Field Trip! Open A&S (We will leave from the Stage Time and return to the Page School Tent at 11)
1-3 ART Family Time, (Adults are encouraged to remain. Toddlers are welcome if adult remains to create art with young ones)
4-6 Teen Social & Refreshments (13-17 year olds)

Saturday, March 17
9-11 St. Patrick’s Page School Parade for Children & Teens! Meet at the Page School at 9 to line up. Parade at 10. Children under 5 must have adult present at all times.
1 – 2 MOC Class – You are NOT a babysitter: How to have an effective youth program
2-4 “And It Is A Wrap!” A thank you party for EVERYONE who helped with Page School. Thank you!