Early Period Life

Welcome, we invite you to join us learning and living in the Early Period Life Village.

Early Period Life class area is located at the west end of Queen’s Highway on the right side of the road. EPL offers a wide variety of classes focused on Western Europe pre-1066 village life including woodworking, black smithing, pottery, cooking, fiber arts and more.

If you would like to teach in EPL, please contact us by email at earlyperiodlife@gulfwars.org or bridgetedan@hotmail.com.

Class Areas
The Woodshed
The woodshed sponsored by House Boicewright broke ground in 2011 and with the help of friends and numerous class attendees constructed a beautiful building using early period construction techniques. The woodshed now hosts woodworking classes all week from 9am to 5pm. Come by anytime to learn or just watch the wood chips fly.
Rusty Anvil Smithy
The Rusty Anvil Smithy offers classes for beginning through advanced blacksmiths. The fires will be lit every day at 8:30 AM.
Tree’s Kitchen
The Kitchen area features a sheltered bread oven, preparation building and fire pits for cooking.
Senestor Pottery Area
The Pottery area is working on a completing new and improved kiln and specializes in classes to learn the art of working clay. If your piece is completed prior to Wednesday, we will do our best to have it fired and available to pick up Saturday morning after 9am.
Classroom shelter A
General classes daily under shelter from the elements. Look for the red and yellow open sided structure.
Class building B
Features classes for fiber arts rain or shine.
Kildonnen Longhall
Built in 2000, the longhall with a center recessed fire pit is a lovely place to hang out in the shade on hot days or around a warm fire when it’s cold outside.
Gambit Foundry
Our neighbors in Clan Gambit have a great structure dedicated to casting metal and other arts.

Activities in addition to classes
Silent Auction with wonderful donated items Starts on Sunday 9AM
Open Demonstration Day with skilled artisans to answer your questions on Wednesday 9AM to 4PM
Silent Auction Closes and winners announced on Wednesday at 4PM

After a very successful first year, we are proud to offer classes for the younger attendees again. Young people must bring along a parent or responsible adult per site and society rules. Please check the schedule for classes and age limits.

EPL cannot offer such a great area and class schedule without help from wonderfully talented and dedicated volunteers. Thank you to all the great teachers and staff that support the Early Period Life Village experience.

Mistress Bridget Edan,OL
EPL Class Coordinator