Gleann Abhann

Gleann Abhann TRM 2020

Greetings and welcome unto the Known World, from Connor and Viktoriya of the River Valley Realm!

It brings Us great joy welcoming you to Our Fair Lands. We would like to thank each and every one of you, from all of your great Kingdom’s, who have blessed Us with your presence at this the 29th Gulf Wars.

We hope that your journey to the southern reaches of Our noble lands finds you transported back in time, to a magical place of friendships, both new and renewed.

We extend the hand of friendship to both newcomer and seasoned war dog alike.

There is something to do here for EVERYONE!

Whether you’re here for a day or 9, with the graciousness of all those good gentles who volunteer countless hours of their time, there are activities for all. We pray thank all would be gracious enough to thank those who do volunteer their time, for they, you, are the backbone of Our society. Volunteering is a wonderful way to meet people, so give a couple hours of your time this War!

His Majesty Connor would have you seek Him out for a “Royal Selfie”!

We are overjoyed by your attendance and look forward to meeting and speaking to as many of you as possible!

We remain ever in Service to the Populace of this Society,
Connor King of Gleann Abhann
Viktoriya Queen of Gleann Abhann
Go Rams!!


Trimaris TRM 2020


We Dread Lord Kurn and Dread Lady Maisie, Crown of Trimaris are delighted to have each and every one of you at this the 29th Gulf War! This Coming together of the Knowne World has been Our favorite since the very first Gulf War. Whether it be your 1st or 29th War With No Enemies we know all of you will experience a magical moment when the veil lifts and you find yourself smack in the Middle ages!

We thank every volunteer, for without you Living The Dream would not be possible!

Vivat! Lay On! And Let’s Get Ready to Rumble…..

Kurn, King
Maisie, Queen


Meridies TRM 2020

From Ansteorra, Trimaris, Gleann Abhann to Meridies, southern hospitality and charm make these kingdoms some of the friendliest places to visit. We hope that all who traveled to Gulf Wars experience the joy and comradery in the company of friends, old and new.

Please take the time to experience the great variety of talents and experiences that the Southern War offers; from martial and artistic skills, classes, dining and shopping, to the enjoyment of working side by side with other volunteer to make all of these things happen.

We welcome you to Gulf Wars, A War with no Enemies, and wish you the best of times.

Be sure and come visit us at the Meridian/Trimaris Social “Day of the Dead Luchador”.

TRM Meridies,
Boru and Fianna


Greetings to the Great Populace of the Known World

We welcome you all to Gulf Wars! Thank you for traveling from near and far to be with us for this, “A War with No Enemies.” You are among friends!

If this is your first time or you’re a War expert, We hope you have an amazing time, live The Dream! From epic battles and tournaments to learning from the best artisans from across the Known World, the opportunities are limited only but your time and possibly sore feet. Have fun and try new things. And remember, shopping is considered an unofficial warpoint to many and at Gulf Wars the merchants are plentiful!

Please know that this event cannot happen without the many hours provided by the Gulf Wars staff and the many volunteers from the different Kingdoms of the Known World. We thank you all for your service and We encourage all to do the same. Please have patience and kindness with all those who have given of their time as they provide us this service. And if you have some time, please volunteer in any number of the positions open at Volunteer Point.

Have fun. Meet or reconnect with friends. Let make this the best Gulf Wars for all.

In Service to the Dream,
Sven III and Cristyana
King and Queen of Ansteorra