Gleann Abhann COVID-19 Policy

Gleann Abhann Covid Policy 

This policy operates on the principles of Honor and Courtesy which is the foundation of  this kingdom and is in effect for all in-person SCA functions. Official SCA functions  include events, demos, fighter practices, and meetings as well as any other function defined  by Corpora. This policy is in line with current CDC guidelines regarding activities and  current SCA guidelines. Should either of those guidelines change, this policy will be  updated accordingly.  

1. Indoors: Masks are required for all persons age 3 and older unless actively eating,  drinking, fighting, or showering. While younger children may have issues  continuously wearing their masks, caregivers are expected to gently remind our  youth of this policy. 

2. Outdoors: Masks are required for all person-to-person contact with less than 6 ft of  social distancing. Masks may be removed if all parties agree otherwise or actively  eating, drinking, or fighting. Private camps/pavilions may request that a mask be  worn in their designated space.  

3. Cabins: If an event has cabins, masks are not required during sleeping or showering.  Event staff will work to ensure the most limited exposure by isolating family units  as much as possible during sleeping.  

4. Troll/Gate: All troll/gate volunteers are expected to wear masks and maintain 6 ft of  social distancing as much as possible. Hand sanitizer must be available at troll/gate.  

5. Sites: Sites that are outdoor only or primarily outdoors are highly recommended if  available. 

6. Feasts: Traditional feasts are not recommended at this time, but buffet style food  (traveler’s fare, etc.) is allowed. Groups wanting to hold a traditional feast should  contact the Kingdom Seneschal for further direction. 

7. If site, local, county, state, or federal laws/mandates/policies are more stringent than  this policy in any area, that policy will be followed.  

Any questions regarding this policy should be directed to the Kingdom Seneschal  ( Abuse of this policy or use of this policy to bully other  members may lead to an investigation and potential sanctions.