Non-Service Animals (NSAs)

Coursing Hounds and Educational Use Animals

Non-Service Animal Check-In (Coursing Hounds)

Animal Control is responsible for the administration/attendance of Service and Non-Service Animals (Coursing Hounds and Educational Use Animals) and their oversight at Gulf Wars. We do not handle horses or birds of prey. If you have any questions concerning the attendance/oversight of Service and Non-Service Animals, please feel free to contact us anytime at

King’s Arrow Ranch is a no-pet site. During Gulf Wars, the RV Park is considered on site camping.

Due to health and sanitation concerns, no live animals can be brought to site for the purpose of slaughter, encampment cooking, ritual use or bait/ prey.

Those bringing unpermitted NSAs on site during Gulf Wars must either find boarding arrangements off-site or you will be asked to leave site with no refund. This applies to whose bring an unpermitted NSA on site during Gulf Wars and it is discovered.

The use of retractable leads is prohibited for all permitted NSAs.

Non-Service Animals are not permitted to be on Merchant’s Row, in the Food Court Area, or in any public building or facility.

Coursing Hounds (CH)

Greyhounds, Italian Greyhounds, Whippets, Salukis, Borzois, Irish Wolfhounds, Scottish Deerhounds, Vizsla, Mastiffs, and Cane Corsos have been pre-vetted and are permitted, by exemption, to attend Gulf Wars

Coursing Hound Owners must contact Kennel Lands (kennellands@ before pre-registering/registering for Gulf Wars so room can be made for you and your hounds.

Only the hound/s owner can petition Animal Control for permission to camp elsewhere, including the RV Park, before they pre-register/register; no unrelated agents can make the petition. Event Staff approval must be obtained before registration with Animal Control. Please email animalcontrol@ using the subject “20XX CH Petition”; owners will be notified of event staff approval via email. If disapproved, the owner and their hound/s must camp with Kennel Lands. This process is documented via email traffic.  Permission must be requested each year if the owner does not wish to camp with Kennel Lands.

All attending owners with Greyhounds are required to bring muzzles. It is advised they are used when the hounds are gathered en masse (Opening Ceremony).

All Coursing Hounds must be checked in at Kennel Lands upon arrival at Gulf Wars.  

1) Each Coursing Hound must have a Certificate of Rabies vaccination. A paper copy of the certificate MUST be presented at check in. Rabies must be current and not expire during the event; the certificate must include your vet’s name, address and contact number in case your animal needs care off site.   

2) Coursing Hound Owners are liable for any and all damages or injuries caused by their dog and a liability waiver for animals at events will be completed.      

 3) A copy of the Rules & Responsibilities (R&Rs) for the conduct of all animals while on site is posted under the Animal Control tab. Please print of a copy for your use or save it to a personal device to access. A limited number of copies will be available. The R&Rs follow the ADA requirements for Service Animals with some modifications for NSAs and lists the consequences all animals and their owners may face if they are found non-compliant and can lead to the removal of any animal and/ or its owner from the event.   

4) All animals permitted at Gulf Wars receive a site token which should be worn at all times.  (It seems our humans collect these things!)

All Coursing Hound Owners must register by 25 Feb of attending year using the Non-Service Animal Check-In (Coursing Hounds) form. This will speed up their check in with Kennel Lands upon their arrival at Gulf Wars. No unrelated agents can register for the owner. If you have multiple hounds, each must be entered separately.

Educational Use Animals

It is advised if an Artisan wishes to use animal/s (other than your needed Service Animal or a pre-vetted Coursing Hound) for educational use (as part of a class or period demonstration) to contact Animal Control (animal as soon as possible, prior to registering for Gulf Wars, and no later than 1 Dec. There are restrictions we must comply, possible restricted camp locations (you and your animal may not be allowed to camp where you would like to camp) and requests must be coordinated with multiple event staff and be approved by the Site Owner BEFORE the animal can be brought on site.

If your request is denied, the animal/s CANNOT be brought on site.

If permitted, you will be notified and given required attendance & check in information, your camping location, and any specific requirements added to the Rules and Responsibilities so you may register for war and submit the class/period demonstration for publication.

King’s Arrow Ranch and Gulf Wars Event Staff, to include any of its representatives or their volunteers, are not responsible for the behavior or needs, nor required to provide services, including first aid, and are not responsible for the care or supervision of attending Non-Service Animals.