Animal Control

Animal Control is responsible for registering service dogs and non-service animals (coursing hounds and animals approved for educational purposes ONLY) attending Gulf Wars. We do not handle horses or birds of prey.

Persons bringing unapproved animals to Gulf Wars must either find boarding arrangements off-site or leave site with no refund. Non-compliance with Rules and Responsibilities can lead to the removal of any animal and/or owner/handler from the event.

Due to health and sanitation concerns, a copy of your animal’s vaccination record/health certificate needs to be scanned to us or hand carried to war and no live animals can be brought to site for the purpose of slaughter, encampment cooking, ritual use or bait/prey.

Service Dogs
Owners or the parent of a child with a service dog attending Gulf Wars must contact Animal Control by 25 Feb of attending year. A child with a service dog is called owner, hereafter. Service Dogs must be with or in the presence of their owners. They must be on a leash/lead secured to a collar, harness, or halter and the owner physically holding (control) the leash/lead, carried in a body sling or tethered to the owner’s disability required device (a wheelchair) when not contained. If the owner’s disability prevents them from physically holding a leash or it interferes with the safe performance of its trained task, the owner must control them by voice, signal or other means and the animal must not exhibit behaviors that pose a direct threat to the health or safety of others. When controlled by other means, the owner must be present. Retractable leads are permitted as long as they pose no hazard and are no threat to the safety of others. When contained, the owner of the
service dog must present.

Non-Service Animals
Coursing Hounds Owners must register with Animal Control by 1 Dec and contact Kennel Lands ( so room may be made in Kennel Lands for owners and their animals. Owners may petition for special dispensation to camp in other locations and it must be approved by event staff. These dogs are only off leash to run during sanctioned coursings. Otherwise, they must be controlled on a leash
attached to a collar that is physically being held by the owner/handler or contained with an owner/handler 18 years of age or older in attendance. Retractable leads are prohibited.
Artisans wishing to bring animals, other than service dogs and pre-vetted coursing hounds, for education use/demonstration must contact Animal Control ( prior to submitting the class/demonstration to Class/A&S Coordinator and by 1 Dec; there are restrictions we must comply with and special permission must be given by the Site Owner PRIOR to these animals being brought to site. Requests must identify the animal’s species/breed and include class syllabus/demonstration statement. Animal Control will then send it to the Autocrat for Site Owner approval. All these animals must be kept under owner control or owner observed containment and may be subject to alternative camping arrangements.

When pre-registration opens for us humans, you can start your animals. Contact us by February 25 of attendance year using the subject “GW-201X Animal”. Please allow 72 hours for a reply. We will forward an email which asks all owners for their real and SCA names, contact information, arrival date, their Kingdom and camping location & camp liaison’s name. It also asks for generic information on their animal (name, breed/species, coloring, and sex and if they are spade or neutered) and if they are a service dog, coursing hound or an approved education use animal. We prefer animals be spaded or neutered to avoid issues with intact animals. We also ask for your animal’s vet information (name, address, phone number). If you are able, scan a copy of your animal’s vaccination records/health certificates. Vaccinations, especially Rabies, must not expire during the event. Rabies tags cannot be used as proof of vaccination. If you cannot scan a copy of an animal’s vaccination/health certificate, you must hand carry a copy with you to war. All vaccination records and health certificates must have their vet’s name, address and phone number. Once pre-registration is complete, animal troll in data is sent. If you do not receive animal troll in data by the end of Feb/week prior to official start of Gulf Wars, please email us; we strive to get it to you once we receive the pre-pre-registration email and scans, if applicable.

Upon arrival at Gulf Wars, owners and their animals must check in with Animal Control using animal troll in data for a health review, waiver completion, issuance of the Rules and Responsibilities and receipt of their animal’s site token (to be worn at all times). If you did not scan a copy of an animal’s vaccination/health certificate, please bring your animal’s vaccinations/health certificate with you.

If you have any questions, please contact Animal Control.