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What Is The Site Like?

The site is fairly well developed. Bathhouse are spaced around the site and porta-potties are available in more remote areas. The camping areas have cleared areas for tents. Sand paths connect the camping areas with the rest of the site.

Is Food Available On Site?

Yes, there is a restaurant run by the site owner as well as several merchants who sell food. There are no feasts, as such, at the war though many camping groups cook meals together.

What Kind of Weather Should I Expect?

The weather at Gulf Wars is as varied as the colors on the shields. It can be wet, dry, hot, cold, windy and still all on the same day. There is a weather widget in the left column that will display weather for the area. Alternately, you may visit your favorite weather site and get a forecast for… Read More »

What To Bring?

Here is a short listing of common things people bring to the war. This should get you started. They are in no particular order, and not everyone will need everything. But it never hurts to have too much. There is also items I’m sure some people will need that I have left off. So start packing now… Photo… Read More »

What Is There To Do?

There are many scheduled events for the war. Not interested in Evil Fiber arts or fighting? There are dozens of areas of activities at Gulf Wars. Including children’s activities, Middle Eastern activities, creative activities of any nature you can imagine. A small sample… Volunteering Classes Heavy Fighting Rapier Fighting Archery Live Weapons A&S Heraldic Activities Scribe Activities Equestrian… Read More »

Who Do I Camp With?

What Kingdom do you reside in? Ask around at your local group. There are bound to be people you know already who are going. Even if no one is going you can always find someone to camp with. One good way to find people to camp with is to ask people in your local group who they know… Read More »

Information for Military Personnel

If you have given the site’s phone number, 800-407-0017, to your Unit, make sure that you provide all of the on-site contact information on your registration form so we can find you to deliver the message. Also it is very important that you use the same mundane name on your form that your Unit will supply.