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Water and Electricity

Faucets are located on the fighting field, behind the cabins, and along several of the roads. Do not block access to the faucets or electric outlets. Everyone must be able to use these, even if they are in your encampment. You must provide a “y” connector so that others may use the utilities. Water hoses and electrical cords… Read More »


The site owner has opened a camp store in the Main Hall. Food, water, ice, firewood, and other necessities will be available.


If you plan to bring your own shower, it MUST operate with a water reservoir system and proper drainage. Otherwise, we cannot accommodate the water pressure needs. If you erect a shower that does not operate with a reservoir system, you will be instructed to take it down. Failure to do so may result in eviction from site.


Yes, we know this is somewhat of an unknown thing in the SCA. Out of courtesy, we ask that all gentles heed the sign-up times for all competitions and other start times. This means everything from archery to A&S competitions to volunteer times. Unfortunately, due to time restrictions, anyone showing up after sign-up has been closed will have… Read More »

Golf Carts

Golf Carts are necessary pieces of equipment in running a War of this size. We realize there is much temptation in “borrowing” a cart for a little added fun. As there have been problems in past years with the “borrowing” of carts, know now, YOU WILL BE REMOVED FROM SITE as this is a direct violation of the… Read More »

Gulf Wars Pests

Be on the alert for: Wasps Ants Fire Ants Mosquitoes Other Creepy Crawly things Please remember that frogs and bats are protected species on this site.


Trespassing is against the law and is a punishable offense. Gate crashing or sneaking onto site is Trespassing. Anyone caught trespassing or aiding in the act of gate crashing will not be allowed to remain on site.

Entry Policy

The medallion issued at Troll is your receipt for the event and must be visibly worn at all times. Participants must show their medallions to re-enter site or you may be required to pay to enter site. You will be issued a car tag which must be displayed clearly on your dashboard. Without a car tag, the Gulf… Read More »

Alcohol / Illegal Substances

The legal drinking age in Mississippi is 21. Observe the law. Anyone serving/giving alcohol to a minor will be expelled from site. Ignorance will be no excuse. Minors tokens will be marked in such a way to indicate they are minors. Violation of mundane laws will not be tolerated. Before you violate any mundane laws, either while on-site… Read More »

Are Chainsaws Allowed?

No. There may be a safety concerns with equines on site. Also, it is not permissible to remove trees without the site owner’s permission.