The site owner has opened a camp store in the Main Hall. Food, water, ice, firewood, and other necessities will be available.


If you plan to bring your own shower, it MUST operate with a water reservoir system and proper drainage. Otherwise, we cannot accommodate the water pressure needs. If you erect a shower that does not operate with a reservoir system, you will be instructed to take it down. Failure to do so may result in eviction from site.


Trespassing is against the law and is a punishable offense. Gate crashing or sneaking onto site is Trespassing. Anyone caught trespassing or aiding in the act of gate crashing will not be allowed to remain on site.

Alcohol / Illegal Substances

The legal drinking age in Mississippi is 21. Observe the law. Anyone serving/giving alcohol to a minor will be expelled from site. Ignorance will be no excuse. Minors tokens will be marked in such a way to indicate they are minors. Violation of mundane laws will not be tolerated. Before you violate any mundane laws, either while on-site… Read More »

Are Chainsaws Allowed?

No. There may be a safety concerns with equines on site. Also, it is not permissible to remove trees without the site owner’s permission.

What Is The Site Like?

The site is fairly well developed. Bathhouse are spaced around the site and porta-potties are available in more remote areas. The camping areas have cleared areas for tents. Sand paths connect the camping areas with the rest of the site.

Is Food Available On Site?

Yes, there is a restaurant run by the site owner as well as several merchants who sell food. There are no feasts, as such, at the war though many camping groups cook meals together.

What Kind of Weather Should I Expect?

The weather at Gulf Wars is as varied as the colors on the shields. It can be wet, dry, hot, cold, windy and still all on the same day. There is a weather widget in the left column that will display weather for the area. Alternately, you may visit your favorite weather site and get a forecast for… Read More »

What To Bring?

Here is a short listing of common things people bring to the war. This should get you started. They are in no particular order, and not everyone will need everything. But it never hurts to have too much. There is also items I’m sure some people will need that I have left off. So start packing now… Photo… Read More »

What Is There To Do?

There are many scheduled events for the war. Not interested in Evil Fiber arts or fighting? There are dozens of areas of activities at Gulf Wars. Including children’s activities, Middle Eastern activities, creative activities of any nature you can imagine. A small sample… Volunteering Classes Heavy Fighting Rapier Fighting Archery Live Weapons A&S Heraldic Activities Scribe Activities Equestrian… Read More »