Statement on Gulf Wars 31/Kings Arrow Ranch Purchase

By | October 5, 2022

Statement on Gulf Wars 31/Kings Arrow Ranch Purchase

Thank you for your patience as the purchase of Kings Arrow Ranch has been processed. We are happy to let you know that Kim Cooper and Brian Schlautman are the new owners of the property. They have been working with the SCA and are aware of our beloved event, Gulf Wars, so we are happy to report that they have signed a new 5-year contract for the continuation of the inter-Kingdom event.

With new owners comes new rules. If you need on-site or any other site related questions, please contact the Gleann Abhann Kingdom Seneschal directly pending the appointment of a new liaison. Emails may be sent to We apologize for any inconvenience this extra step may cause but it is necessary as we move forward. Any general Gulf Wars questions should be sent directly to Gulf Wars Autocrat at or the relevant department head listed in the staff directory.

Finally, we would like to thank The Stanford Family for 30 years of Gulf Wars at King’s Arrow Ranch. We are truly grateful for the time, effort, and friendship over the years.

Kendra Dey, Kingdom Seneschal

(mka Kendra DeVaughn)

On behalf of Kim Cooper & Brian Schlautman, Owners of Kings Arrow Ranch