GulfWars Update

By | May 17, 2021

Greetings until the Knowne World from the Autocrats of Gulf Wars XXX/October,

This was not the path we envisioned over two years ago when we decided to put in a bid to be Autocrats of Gulf Wars. We appreciate all of the support and understanding we have received in the last year. We would like to share some information regarding the future of Gulf Wars in October 2021. Currently the CDC numbers regarding Covid, and more importantly the trends, are very encouraging for Gulf Wars to happen. Our vendors are currently being very understanding regarding our situation and their deadlines. However, things could still change and the SCA Board of Directors still has to make many decisions in order for Gulf Wars to occur.

To that end, our current plans are to remain hopeful and watchful while planning for Gulf Wars to occur as planned until July 31st unless otherwise directed by the BOD. On July 31st, the final decision from the Gulf Wars Autocrats and Gleann Abhann Kingdom Seneschal will be made based on the information we have available at that time. With hopes of a positive decision, registration will be opened on August 1st.

At this time, we do not know what safety precautions may be required by the federal and state government as well as the BOD. We are preceding with planning based on reasonable safety procedures. We will have ample disposable masks, hand sanitizer, and hand washing stations available. We will be working with our Transportation and Sanitation Departments to ensure they have the tools to maintain their areas as safely as possible. Depending on what precautions are required as well as the ones we have already implemented, delays in both of these departments may be possible during war. We ask that the populace have patience with our staff both prior and during Gulf Wars.

If any populace member has any questions, please email

Thus we remain in Service to the Dream,
Mistress Kendra Dey, OP
Mistress Magdalena de Segovia, OP
Autocrats, Gulf Wars XXX/2021