Letter from the Autocrats

By | March 11, 2020

Greetings and Welcome to the Crowns and populace of the Known World.

We are so glad that all of you could come down to Gleann Abhann and join us for Gulf Wars. The staff has been working all year to make sure that this war will provide you with more classes, battles, tourneys, revels, and other activities than you can imagine. This book will help you plan your war so you can get the most enjoy- ment out of Gulf Wars. Please read through all of the rules to help everyone have a safe and fun war. Feel free to contact us or any member of our staff if you have any questions.

A war this size takes many man hours to put together and many more to run it throughout the week. While our staff has done a wonderful job putting everything together as well as making sure everything runs well during the week, they can’t do it all by themselves. Please take some time out of your schedule and volunteer to help out in one of the departments. There are numerous opportunities to step in and help make this war more enjoyable for everyone, and without your help none of this would be possible.

We would like to thank Mistress Daphne of Colchester for all of the hard work that she has put into this war throughout the last few years. We also thank you for putting your trust in us to run this war the way you would. We would also like to thank the staff and their assistants for all of the effort they have put forward in making this war a success, you made our job so much easier. If you have the opportunity, please give them your thanks as well.

Let loose the Hounds of Friendship

Master Erik of Telemark and Master Stephan of Durham