King’s Arrow Ranch


Relief Fund

As everyone is aware, the financial losses not only to GulfWars but to King’s Arrow Ranch will be huge.  

As there has been an interest in helping to support KAR, some have suggested turning over refunds to the Ranch.  Unfortunately, we are not allowed to write check other than what we are contractly required. But that does not prevent, YOU, the populace from doing something.

What you do with your refund, if YOU request one, is up to you.  If you wish to sent it to Larry, you may do so.  It is your money afterall.

How you send it is up to you, but this is the mailing address for the Ranch:

  • King’s Arrow Ranch
  • Attn: Larry Stanford
  • 26 Kings Hwy
  • Lumberton, MS 39455

We look forward to seeing everyone next year and hope that things go well.



GulfWars Staff