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Gulf Wars Staff

PLEASE NOTE:  If a Staff contact is not listed here it is because the information has not yet been provided for inclusion. If you have questions please contact the Autocrats.

Position Name
Autocrat Baroness Sabine Curter
Autocrat Master Cynric of Bedwyn
Services Division Deputy HL Gavin Mac Giolla Ruaidh
Operations Division Deputy Eleanoraï Elizabeth Caley
Education Division Deputy Ibrahim ibn Abih al Thaalibi
Martial Division Deputy Thomas Blackmoore
A&S Competitions Coordinator Frederick von Alton
Al Mahala Deputy Margavati Bai
Al Mahala Class Coordinator Majda Anwar
Animal Control THL Catrin Skynith
Artisan's Row Dianora di Cellini
Artisan's Row Deputy Elizabet MacKenzie de Ross
Chirurgeon Head Raimond Richard Le Mire
Deputy War Chirurgeon THL Myra of the Glenn
Chirurgeon Staff Alienora de Rouen Enfirmiere
Class Coordinator Mistress Solveig Eiriksdottir
Combat Archery Jean-Paul DeCalmont
Early Period Life Class Coordinator Bridget Edan
Emergency Preparedness Celestine de Chatham
Equestrian Marshal in Charge Doe Flynn
Equestrian Deputy Mirabelis Genevah Zabaneh
Equestrian Deputy Master Terafan
Exchequer Baroness Genevieve McCullum de Caen
European Dance Fleur Stewart
Field Pavillions Lady Rose Marye
European Dance Deputy Lord Runolfr
Fighter Support Head Kyna Terricsdottir
Fighter Support Deputy Elsa von Schammach
Herald's Point Coordinator THL Bran Finn hua Neill
Hospitality Countess Rhiannon of the Isle
Inventory Muirenn inghean Chonaill
Kennel Lands/Coursing THLady Jacquette d'Anjou
Known World Party Dame Fianna nic Dhaibhidh
Landcrat HL Eden Fuller of Redenhall
Landcrat Ansteorra HL Vincenti da Murano
Landcrat East Kingdom Juliana von Altenfeld
Landcrat Meridian Ld. Bjorn the Hunter
Landcrat Trimaris Segdae hua Morda
Liaison Ansteorra Mistress Ameline DuBois
Liaison Meridian Master Kevin Eriol
Liaison Trimaris Duchess Maisie
Live Weapons Marshal in Charge Baroness Juliana Strangewayes
Marshal in Charge Cedric of Dorchester
Marshal (Siege) Karl Thorgeirsson
Media Coordinator Countess Beatrix de Montecassino
Merchant Coordinator Seraphina Maslowska
Parking Mistress Beatrix Alfray
Performing Arts and Theatre Banbharun Alina nic an Bhaird
Performing Arts and Theatre Deputy HL Sean-Patrick O'Donnell
Publications Baronessa Arianna Stefana d'Ovest
Publications HL Ysabeau of Prague
Public Works Reimund the Wanderer
Rapier Marshal In Charge Binn MacBranain
Recycling Department Mistress Anne Osgerby
Reservations/Troll Miramah bint Ibrahim
Reservations/Troll staff Jane Beaumont
Royal Liaison Baroness Isabella D'Arques
Royal Reservationist Baroness Tegan verch Dwgan
Sanitation Head Antonello del Bello
Sanitation Deputy Arrianna DelaLuna
Scheduler (Master Scheduler) Frederick von Alton
Scribe's Point Coordinator Lady Catriona the Blind
Special Needs Camping Caereg
Volunteer Point Coordinator THL Kendra Dey
Volunteer Point-Meridies Charmaine de Chanson
War Herald Alexander Ravenscroft
Watch Commander   Sir James Galen McGrew
Youth Activities Elvis Montego
Youth Activities deputy Symonne da la Fontaine
Youth Combat THl Mika'il al-Rashid
Wagon Garet DeHanneth
Webminister HL Gavin Kyncade