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  • Kings Arrow Ranch (aka Georgetown Inn) has closed and will not be open for this years war, the autocrat is working to identify other hotels in the area for war.

Electrical Access Policy

New Electrical Access Policy

Effective immediately



This pertains primarily to camps from Gleann Abhann and Meridies. The Trimaris and

Ansteorra electrical situation remains unchanged per the site owner. The following plan will

affect camps past 5 Points only!



Beginning this year, use of power must be purchased the this area.



Camps past 5 points, toward the back of camp, and toward Sherwood Range. Ansteorran

and Trimarian lands, as well as the areas toward the front gate and all areas toward the

downtown area from 5 Points are NOT affected.



As you may know, someone came onto site and removed (stole) all of the wiring which

supplied power to that part of the camp from the trees. Larry has taken the opportunity to

vastly upgrade the power system. This is a positive move which I think will benefit many who

have asked for it for years. He has spent about $5k thus far on the renovations.



There are 16 outlets per pole and 3 poles (one near EPL, one near DragonOr/Rolling

Thunder, and one near Axemoor). One outlet (20 amp breaker) may be purchased for use

during the war for $60. One outlet may be purchased for use the entire year for $100. An

individual or a camp may purchase the use of an outlet.

The site management wants it to be made crystal clear that overtaxing your outlet and

causing the breaker to flip will result in a $10 reset fee.

The Gulf Wars staff want to make it crystal clear that any abuse, fraud, or theft of service will

be considered as such and could result in disciplinary action ranging from revocation of

privileges to ejection from site. This may seem heavy-handed but a)we are more honorable

than that and b) potential violators have been warned.

SERIOUS inquiries need to contact Wade Grider at 601-606-1002 during normal business

hours central time and he can give you specifics.


I am sorry for the lateness of this news.. I just found out myself a couple of days ago. I think

that this can be a good boost to the overall conditions at GW. Keep in mind that it is there IF

you want it. You are not required to buy into it if you do not wish.

Special Needs will still operate normally and be happy to provide recharge service for those

with medical devices free of charge.

No email inquiries to GW staff will be entertained. The information that we have, you now

have. This is being handled through the site owner and not through the SCA.