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  • Kings Arrow Ranch (aka Georgetown Inn) has closed and will not be open for this years war, the autocrat is working to identify other hotels in the area for war.

Youth Combat



All youth fighters ages 7-17 are invited to join us on the battlefield at Gulf Wars. The program is open to all authorized youth combatants. Gleann Abhann or out of kingdom authorization will be accepted.


There will be four (4) Youth Combat divisions. They are as follows:

Wolf division (ages 7 to 9) Ram division (ages 10 to 12) Bear division (ages 13 to 15) Dragon division (ages 16 and 17)

  • Gleann Abhann Youth Combat armor and weapons standards will be required for all participants.  See Kingdom of Gleann Abhann Youth Combat Handbook
  • Inspections:  All armor and weapons must be inspected before participation in any youth combat battle, tournament, or other fighting activity at Gulf Wars.  Fighters must bring their site medallion, authorization card, and parent/legal guardian, to be inspected.
  • Only one inspection is required for the war. However, weapons and armor will be checked before each activity. Equipment not meeting minimum standards will not be allowed on the field.
  • Any combatant using force sufficient to bruise or injure an opponent will, after ONE warning, be removed from the field.




  • Parents/legal guardians are to understand that this is a contact sport and injuries may occur.
  • Parents/legal guardians are responsible for the youth’s safety, with the YCAM in charge of the armoring/safety process.
  • Legal Guardian for the purposes of Youth Combat is meant to construe a court appointed legal guardian or other permanent guardian other than a parent.  The normal SCA event definition of legal guardian (i.e. responsibility for a friend's child over the weekend, as an example) is not sufficient for Youth Combat purposes.
  • At least one parent/legal guardian must be present at all times while the participant is involved in Youth Combat (official fighter practice, tournament, or melee).  ‘Present’ is defined as within visual and vocal range of the child, and attentive to the Youth Combat activity.




10:00     1:00        Inspection                           YC Field
1:00        3:00        Training / Open Field      YC Field


10:00     1:00        Inspection                           YC Field
1:00        3:00        Training / Open Field      YC Field


10:00     11:00     Small Unit Tactics             YC Field
11:00     1:00        5 man Melee Tournament           Fort
1:30        4:00        Triskele Legion Youth Tournament           YC Field


9:00        10:00     Inspection                           YC Field
11:00     1:00        Fort Battle                           Fort 
2:00        4:00        Training/Open Field        YC Field


9:00        12:00     Tournament of the Lions              YC Field
1:30        4:00        Tournament - All Divisions           YC Field


9:00        11:00     Fort Battle                           Fort
1:00        3:00        Training / Open Field      YC Field