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  • The online registration is now CLOSED
  • Main schedule has been posted(Subject to Change)
  • Gulf Wars Registration is Open 
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  • Kings Arrow Ranch (aka Georgetown Inn) has closed and will not be open for this years war, the autocrat is working to identify other hotels in the area for war.

Equestrian Activities

Horse Registration

All Horses MUST be registered with the Deputy in charge of stable management by February 21, 2016. If you are not pre reserved, you will not be allowed on site with your horse, no exceptions!

Also, all early on equestrians and their riders need to send the EMIC your/their names for the early on list. The deadline this year is February 27.


Troll and Check-in

All rigs can proceed directly to the barns if needed. Turn your horses out to stretch, set up your stalls, then return to Troll. Give us a call 30 minutes ahead of arrival so we can notify Watch and clear a path. 321-604-1404

Equestrian check in is between 9 AM and 9 PM. If you arrive outside those times, get settled, go back and Troll in, go to bed, and check in at the tent between 9 AM and 9 PM.


Paper Work

Please verify what travel documents you may need to travel to and from the war. Keep your original coggins report in a safe place; MS Ag can stop anyone at any time and ask to see your papers. MS does not require the SCA to collect a copy so no need to give us one.

(Be kind to your fellow horse people and worm and vax your horses at least two weeks before arrival. We can’t make this a requirement, but it would be nice if it was done.)


War Point

The Equestrian War point will consist of three events. The “Mounted Archery Tournament” and the “Jousting Tourney, Wood” on Wednesday, and the “Jousting Tourney, Foam” on Thursday. Each competitor must identify whether they ride for Trimaris or Ansteorra, and the war point will be decided by the winning Kingdom of these three events, best two out of three.  Come on out to support your Allied Kingdom!



For horse owners whose Kingdoms have an equestrian authorization program, please show your authorization card at Equestrian Check in, (between 9 AM and 9 PM.)

There will be no original Equestrian Authorizations at War with the following exception;  If your Kingdom has authorization marshal(s) in attendance you may make plans with them if they are agreeable, and use the arenas for the authorizations when they are not scheduled for use.


Equestrian Activities

We have a jammed packed schedule this year, with Challenge courses, Jousting, (both foam tip and wooden tip,) Mounted Combat, Buzkashi, Archery, Carousels, and a wonderful Mounted Combat demo on Hastings field that will culminate in a Ground to Mounted Combat demo!

Our classes and training include Jousting 101 and 102, Ground to Mounted Combat, Mounted Archery 101, Mounted Heraldry, Intro to Driving, Making Your Own Period Bridle, and several excellent youth friendly classes!

There will be plenty of opportunity at Gulf Wars to celebrate the equestrian arts for those who love to horse around. Please see the Equestrian Schedule below for detailed times and locations and Come check out what the equestrians are doing!




We love Spectators and Volunteers! We encourage you to come visit us and cheer on your favorite rider in one of our many tournaments!

If you would like to be a bit more hands on, please join one of the many classes being taught, or volunteer to assist in setting up the equipment and arena for an activity or three. Helping to set up and take down is always greatly appreciated! Horse savvy folks are always welcome to help as ground crew, and will earn you much gratitude from the Equestrian Marshal in Charge. And remember, such service is also eligible for Volunteer Points!


Rules of the Barn

  • Minors should be under adult      supervision at all times while in the Equestrian area.
  • Minors are      required to use riding helmets when riding.
  • Please do not feed or touch any      of the horses without permission from the owner.
  • A red tassel on a horse      indicates that the horse may bite or kick. Do not approach this horse.
  • Do not run, jump, yell, throw      things, or make sudden movements around horses.      Do not run up to them, do not walk behind them. If you are wearing clanky      armor, approach slowly, and with the rider’s permission.
  • The barn closes at sunset to      everyone except horse owners.
  • Please, no loud parties or      drumming in the Equestrian area after 10:30 pm.



There is camping and horse trailer parking available exclusively for equestrians and those who are part of an equestrian's group; across from the barn, and down in the Trailer Park.

Across from the barn is reserved for Period tents, Staff, Special Needs, and extra giant rigs. The Trailer Park is East of the Barns and is reserved for overflow corrals, trailer/truck parking, and camping. If you park/camp/corral your horses in the Trailer Park, please remember that rigs need a great deal of space to maneuver; please be considerate and leave them room to move out in the case of an emergency. And in the case of an emergency, if a campsite or vehicle is blocking the escape route and the owner can’t be found, every attempt will be made to quickly and safely relocate items to a new location, with the emphasis on quickly.


Equestrian Rules / Mounted Patrol / Riding the Site / etc

As Gulf Wars is a multi-Kingdom war, we will be following the SCA Corporate Equestrian Handbook.  There are some specific rules for mounted patrol, riding the site, and other equestrian activities away from the Equestrian area.  These are detailed in the Gulf War Equestrian Operating Procedures.


Equestrian staff:

EMIC: Baroness Chiere wreic Maredudd  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Deputy: Master RhysTerafan Greydragon

Deputy: HL Doe Flynn