GulfWars is Officially Cancelled!!!

GulfWars 29 Site Books

The Gulf Wars Staff have received many requests for site books. Depending on your refund status, we will have three categories.

Priority 1) Requesting NO refund, and did pay for a site book. Requesting a site book ($0 cost)
Priority 2) Requesting NO refund, but did not pay for site book. Requesting a site book ($0 cost)
Priority 3) Requested refund. Requesting site book. (Nominal fee to cover shipping)

Once we have a form up and running, we will have additional instructions and all books will be first come, first serve based on these categories as well as date requested. Again, please wait for additional instructions to start these requests.

In Service to the Dream,
Mistress Kendra Dey, OP

Registration Refunds are Now being Processed

Please go to the Registration Refund page for additional information and instructions to obtain your refunds (if you wish one).

Message from the Gleann Abhann Seneschal

Thank you to the autocrats and all of the staff of Gulf Wars 29 who took a year out of their lives to spend hundreds upon hundreds of hours planning for Gulf Wars. An amazing and hard working group of people as any you will find anywhere, you have my undying gratitude and respect. After the announcement, to cancel, these wonderful people kept working because prep is only half the job. Each of you did an amazing job! Gulf Wars is so much more than an event, it is family coming together. Please know this was an incredibly difficult decision and it broke our hearts to do it. I saw a lot of tears yesterday, including my own. I love you all and remain in service to crown, kingdom, and populace. You are my family. Thank you again to all who worked so very hard. – with humble respect, Kalisa

Cancellation Notice

To the Known World, This was a difficult decision, however Gulf Wars 29 is cancelled due to the risk of COVID-19. We, like you, are saddened but this is necessary as we follow the recommendations of the Mississippi Department of Health.

Per their recommendation:
Among new recommendations as of March 12, 2020:
–Avoid gatherings of 250 people or more, especially if there is evidence of transmission in your county or adjacent counties . If you do attend, remember to practice the hygiene and distancing steps above.
–To prevent illness in those most vulnerable, anyone 65 or older OR with a chronic medical condition should avoid any gathering of 50 people or more.

Thank you for your understanding and your support.
Master Erik, Master Stephan, and Mistress Kalisa