Special Needs / Disabilites

Information for Individuals with Special Needs

The Special Needs department was dissolved prior to Gulf Wars 25 when the K.A.R.T system was implemented. It serves as a mass-transit replacement of the old Special Needs carts. The K.A.R.T.s do not offer point-to-point service like we used to do, but, it does go around to most of the encampment, fields, “downtown” and many other points. Please refer to the Transportation Services page for more specifics regarding routes, hours of operation, and considerations when riding the K.A.R.T.’s.

Gulf Wars is a primitive site. Its buggy, hot, cold, windy, rainy, and dusty… sometimes all in the same day! Your electric wheelchairs and scooters are welcome but no gas powered vehicles are allowed. No modern pedal-powered modes of transportation are allowed (bikes, recumbent bikes, “hoverboards”, or any other modern recreational devices). If you are planning on bringing a service dog, we ask you to please notify our Animal Control Coordinator. Service, therapy, companion, or comfort cats, snakes, goats, parrots, and/or ferrets are not recognized as “service animals” per the ADA, site owner, or the staff. Pets are strictly prohibited. Individuals who bring pets or non-service animals on site will be asked to remove them. Exceptions include those animals used for Medieval A/S with pre-approval of the Animal Control Coordinator. Service-animals in training will be allowed on-site to assist with their training as long as they conform to the guidelines for acceptable animal behavior per the ADA. If you have any questions, please contact the Animal Control Coordinator.

The following links to the ADA will also be of assistance:

With the relative availability of power throughout the encampment, we no longer have a specific place for charging medical equipment (batteries, scooters, etc.) There is power available in most encampments as well at multiple points at 5 points and the main hall. If you have any difficulty obtaining use of on-site electricity, please check with The Watch.

The Handicamp is our specially designated special needs camping area. It is convenient to the Handicapped-accessible showers and toilets. Space is limited and it is allotted on a “first-come/first-served” basis. Power is available but you need to make arrangements to be near an outlet. Only the running of equipment for your medical needs are permitted to run off the available power (microwaves, toaster ovens, TV’s, etc are not permitted on the Handicamp power grid. Bringing sufficient extension cordage is vital as it is not provided. Also, you will need to make arrangements to see to the erection of your own encampment. Personnel are not available at this time to assist with that task. The Handicamp coordinator can be reached through the staff list or through the land department.
The staff of Gulf Wars will make every effort to assist you and make reasonable accommodations.