Once again, Gulf Wars will provide bins for recycling aluminum cans and plastic bottles only. The main recycling location will be located across from Security Point and marked with the SCA Recycle symbol. We appreciate all those who take advantage of this opportunity to reduce the amount of trash hauled off, as well as do something positive for the environment. Single recycling bins will be located at the entrances of Early Period Life and Al Mahala, at Waterbearer’s Point and at the intersection of King’s Highway and Bearkiller Lane. Please make use of them.
The cans will be used by a local school as a fundraiser. If anyone else would like to use collected cans to raise money for a local group (this year or next), they can contact, Mistress Anne Osgerby the Recycling Department Staff Head.
If a large encampment (like one of the Kingdoms) wants a bin in their camp, please contact Mistress Anne Osgerby (Camping in the Early Period encampment (Bastarmark) if needed during the war). We can provide bins and extra garbage bags.