Diversity and Inclusion Officer

Gulf Wars statement of Diversity and Inclusion

His Excellency, Master Morgan of Osprey

                Gulf Wars is committed to making the event and all its aspects and components as welcoming and open as possible.  Diversity and inclusion, being a cornerstone of growth and prosperity within any group, helps prevent stagnation and opens any group to new ideas and concepts.

                The Stewards of the war effort strive to be inclusive to make the war an enjoyable experience for as many people as possible.  We have adopted the SCA Inc. corporate policy of inclusion and diversity and strive to meet and exceed its goals and expectations. 

                LGBTQIA camping:  The campsite at the intersection of King’s Highway/Queen’s Highway has agreed to host and welcome members of the LGBTQIA community and help to provide a warm and hospitable environment.  Contact information may be obtained through the Land office on the staff page.

                Special Needs Camping:  A centrally located campsite is available on a first-come, first-served basis for campers with special needs. It is located near convenient power sources and accessible shower/bathroom facilities.  Contact information may be obtained through the Land office on the staff page.  Space is limited and pre-reservations may be required.  One helper will be allowed to camp in or near each camper for assistance needs.

                Transgender-friendly shower facilities:  Several campsites with private showers have volunteered their private, in-camp shower facilities for the comfort and safety of Transgender members who may feel unsafe or uncomfortable in the community shower trailers.  These camps have also offered to provide an accepting, warm, and safe environment to help make their Gulf War experience a pleasant and memorable one. (NOTE:  The camps which have offered camp space may have additional camp fees, which they charge to everyone camping with them, to cover communal camp supplies which everyone uses)  To arrange for a shower accommodation prior to war, please contact the Diversity and Inclusion Officer found on the staff page at their email address provided.  At the event, you may contact the Diversity and Inclusion Officer by their cell phone, which will be located at The Watch.

                Safe Haven:  Though it would be hard to imagine a campsite or enclave within the SCA or at the Gulf Wars site who would not help, but many campsites have designated themselves as a “safe harbor” or “safety zone” in the event someone is being harassed, bullied, or otherwise feels unsafe.  Any area which displays the “safe zone” heraldry should know that they may take refuge within that encampment until further assistance can be obtained. 

Bullying and harassment policy: 

Gulf Wars, it’s Stewards, and the Staff are committed to providing a safe and secure environment.  If you feel that you have been bullied or harassed, please contact the Diversity and Inclusion officer-on-duty or one of the Autocrat staff.