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Gleann Abhann Law Regarding Children

Gleann Abhann:

Section 9.05 Children

(a) Any child under the age of legal consent attending any official function, must be in the company of a parent or legal guardian or have a letter of parental consent which designates an adult in attendance as responsible for the child and consent for the child to be treated in the case of a medical emergency, as well as a signed standard waiver.

(b) All waivers and letters of designation must be collected by the Autocrat or designated representative before a child may be admitted to site.

(c) The adult in charge of a child is responsible for any and all acts of the child.

(d) Children under the age of 12 must be within the sight or voice range of a designated adult, or responsible teenager – age 15 or older, at all times. Failure to do so may result in sanctions ranging from expulsion from site to notification of mundane authorities.

Sight or voice range will be determined by the Gulf Wars Staff. We realize that this is not necessarily the law in other kingdoms, but it is the law here and it will be enforced.

For minors accompanied by parent/guardian, with current blue membership card
– No forms are required

For minors accompanied by parent/guardian, without current membership
– Only the Individual Minor Waiver (for you minor) or the Family Waiver (for more than one minor in the family) are required.

For minors accompanied by non-parent/guardian, with current blue membership card
– The Designated Adult form and the Medical Authorization form are required

For minors accompanied by non-parent/guardian, without current membership
– The Individual Minor Waiver (or Family Waiver), Designated Adult form and the Medical Authorization form are all required

Required Forms can be downloaded here.

Page School Schedule for Gulf Wars 2018

Note: Sign in begins at 8:45 and at 12:45. Please pick up your child on time. Children left after the close of a class will be taken to Watch and the Autocrats notified. Watch for changes. All Page School changes to the schedule will be posted on the chalk board next to the Page School Tent. Questions & Concerns, please see THL Kalisa Cherenova (Kim Kreyling)

Saturday March 10 – No Page School

Sunday March 11
3 pm Meet & Greet for MOCs (Refreshments available and ALL MOCs are welcome to attend. Come and exchange ideas and chat with others!)

Monday, March 12 – Calontir hosting day
9-11 Arts & Crafts (Vikings theme)
1-3 Arts & Crafts (Vikings theme) PLUS Lord Pedro (Equestrian A&S projects activity)
4-6 Meet and Greet for Teens, Refreshments (13-17 year olds)

Tuesday, March 13, Trimaris hosting day
9-11 Field Trip, Kennel Lands (Please do not be late. We will leave Page School tent at 9:15)
1-3 Arts & Crafts (St. Patrick’s theme) PLUS Lord Pedro (Equestrian A&S projects activity)
4-6 Teen Gaming & Classes (13-17 year olds) PLUS Lord Pedro (Equestrian A&S projects activity)

Wednesday, March 14
9-11 Field Trip, Early Primitive Life, (Will leave promptly at 9:15)
1-3 Choice of Field Trips: Equestrian area OR Drop Spinning at AR (Arrive EARLY, Will leave promptly at 1)
4-6 Teen Gaming & Classes (13-17 year olds)

Thursday, March 15, Gleann Abhann hosting day
9-11 PIRATE DAY Arts (Dress and talk like a pirate as we do arts and play games)
1-3 Yummy Classes- Fun ART with Food! (Messy)
4-6 Food Art with Kalisa for Teens! (13-17 year olds)

Friday, March 16
9-10 Stage Time! Field Trip! (We will leave PROMPTLY at 9)
10-11 Field Trip! Open A&S (We will leave from the Stage Time and return to the Page School Tent at 11)
1-3 ART Family Time, (Adults are encouraged to remain. Toddlers are welcome if adult remains to create art with young ones)
4-6 Teen Social & Refreshments (13-17 year olds)

Saturday, March 17
9-11 St. Patrick’s Page School Parade for Children & Teens! Meet at the Page School at 9 to line up. Parade at 10. Children under 5 must have adult present at all times.
1 – 2 MOC Class – You are NOT a babysitter: How to have an effective youth program
2-4 “And It Is A Wrap!” A thank you party for EVERYONE who helped with Page School. Thank you!