Performing Arts

Greetings and salutations to all musicians, actors, bards, jugglers, and others within the Performing Arts:

At the Sable & Gules Theatre area, we offer the opportunity for anyone interested in presenting performances and providing classes in the Performing Arts. All forms of the Bardic arts and instrumental prowess, juggling, drama, comedieas, pantomime, and improvisational theatre, which be just a few of the areas of interest that we hold dear. Come take classes in these subjects and more, volunteer in the area for some hands-on experience, and see what all of the performing fun is all about! The Stage is always open to be booked for your Handfastings, Private parties, or Performances so contact the Performing Arts Dept. Head on site for open dates and times.  Contact the Performing Arts Coordinator to schedule your activity.

Performing Arts/Theater Schedule 2017
Google Sheet – this is a living document subject to change through 3-9-17

While we encourage you to check the Class Booklet and on site for specific classes and events, we particularly want to invite your participation in:

  • The 11th Annual Gulf War’s War Bard Competition
    Wednesday evening at 6 pm

    Come prepared to represent your Kingdom. This year’s theme is “Tales of Love and Devotion” an homage to our early days. There is a 5 minute time limit for all performances and Documentation is not required. Sign up will be at the Sable & Gules Theatre from Openin’ Day o’ War til 5 pm Competition Day. You must sign up no later than 1 hour prior to the start of performances. There will also be a prize for the Kingdom who brings the largest Bardic Army!
  • Stary Olsa, Medieval music band from Belarus
    Thursday 1:30-3:00 Performance/Dance class
  • 8th year in a row – Medieval Movie Night
    Thursday, Film Starts at 8PM or at dark whichever comes first!
    This year our film is –  “The 13th Warrior”. Why not plan to hit The Food Court behind the Sable and Gules Theatre, and get ready for Dinner and a show!! Bring yeeself a chair, for the area has a limited supply of chairs to spare so it’s first come, first seats! A perfect alternative activity for all ages to enjoy so make this your family night fun!
  • The 11th Annual Gulf War’s Youth Bardic Competition and Talent Show
    Friday, Noon-2 pm  – Sponsored by the Bards of the Horn and Harp.
    Sign up will be from the start of the war until noon on Friday. All youths age 6 to 14 are encouraged to come and share their talents, sing, dance, storytelling, and play an instrument with fun to be had by all. The contest is limited to 25 entrants. All entrants must be accompanied by a parent for the duration of the show.
  • Clan Marshin Fayne and House Ishee Goods and Services Auction
    Friday, 9-11:00 PM

    If you are a seeker of the finer things, an adventurer into personal joy, come and seek your happiness with us at the Goods and Services auction, presented by House Ishee. If you truly are indulgent, come and seek our special VIP accommodations, where drink will sharpen your eye and we bring it to you to keep you hale and hearty for the bidding. Items will be had fresh from the docks, or you can ply your own if you seek us out early. Those who would barter themselves away can sign the waivers and the sales slips that encompass all the terms of service. It is only rumor that we require such in blood.


We Love Our Volunteers!
Come spent time working with us behind the scenes to help be a part of the grand tradition that is Performing Arts at Gulf Wars!

Please come and share your knowledge by TEACHING!  Submit a class, performance, rehearsal, event, etc. for Performing Arts

Find your muse at the Sable and Gules!”